Let’s be honest here and admit that no matter how great our country is, it’s very very dirty. And, everyone’s is to blame for it. From the authorities to the citizens, everyone is contributing to the problem, intentionally or unintentionally. Because of this, the ongoing Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in the country makes more sense than anything else. This initiative appeals the citizen of India to only throw trash in dustbins and not on roads or any other public place.

But then, we’re Indians, we don’t follow rules and regulations no matter for whose benefits they are made for.

However, there’s one fitness trend that is slowly and steadily changing the game for the masses. Plogging is the term, the world is raving about, in terms of cleaning the environment while working on your fitness.

Plogging was started by the people of Sweden (considered one of the cleanest countries in the world) in order to push people to pick the trash they see while their morning run or jogging session. It comes from the words “jogging,” and the Swedish “plocka upp” (which means — to pick up). Simply, it’s picking up trash as you jog yourself into shape. Said to have originated late last year in Sweden, the idea took over social media (especially Instagram) and was soon adopted in the UK, US, and now even India.

In the recent past, various cases and viral news have come out in relation to the whole concept of Plogging. The most recent addition to these cases is the ‘Plogging Party’ organised by entrepreneur Jacob Cherian in Kodaikanal, over the Easter weekend.with Cherian, it started with a single Facebook post. “I shared a video on plogging. With it, I had jokingly said, ‘we should do this’, And the reaction from my friends was incredible.” Within 24 hours, he had an event in place.

source: Indian Express

Apparently, the idea fits in well with some of Cherian’s dormant plans from a year back. “Over a year ago I tried to launch a campaign to encourage holiday goers and locals to pick up trash…But that did not take off. I think it’s got a lot to do with the lack of a name. Or maybe, it just needed its share of Western validation. But as soon as it had a name — plogging, and a video that said, ‘the Swedes do it’, suddenly everyone was in,” Cherian told to The Indian Express, shedding light on how he could take quick action as soon as the trend grabbed attention all across the globe.

There are many other people who are constantly contributing to the great initiative. In fact, there are various drives conducted in which treks tie a bag around the waist and connect the trash from their trekking path, which has started getting too dirty, all thanks to sudden love for trekking ignited among the masses in the country.

There are many reasons behind the rise of plogging’s popularity among the people of this digital world. While cleaning your environment is one, plogging also brings people together to do the cleaning, which takes away the social pressure from one person. And, maybe we can all accept with Jacob on the fact that plogging’s popularity is also because of its attachment to the westerners, something the entire country wants to be a part of.

Jyotsna Amla

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