We all have watched 3 Idiots and absolutely loved it, however, from past few days there’s one particular dialogue from the movie that seems to be perfect for the life we’re currently living, “paneer toh thode dino mai sunaar ki dukaan pe bikega”. A slight change in the dialogue and you’ll have what everyone’s thinking about their lives these days. And, that is petrol.

The fate of petrol in the country is living a life of its own. While at first, the prices were stagnant for a long period of days, then it finally changed and absolutely refused to anything but comfortable for the public. Petrol prices reached a new high and one couldn’t sleep on them. However, after 16 long days of petrol hike, the prices finally dropped and no one expected the drop to be so massive as it was. One whole paise dropped from the petrol prices and we can just not believe our luck, bad or good, won’t comment on that.

While the ‘one paisa cut’ was enough to enrage everyone, IOC rubbed salt into their wounds with a small blunder. When they first announced the cut, they said that petrol and diesel will be reduced by 60 paise and 59 paise respectively. Following the announcement, they backtracked their decision and brought the drop back to one paise.

But rather than crying out loud about the misery, netizens are dealing with it in a different manner. The took help of their trusted friend, sarcasm and brought out the best they can do to cope up with this in-your-face loot. Here are some of the reactions to the entire thing.

While these jokes and memes are not enough to keep you sane through these times, one thing is for sure, no one gives a shit about people and their problems. But then, weren’t we aware of it before?

Jyotsna Amla

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