It’s illegal. It’s unacceptable. And truth be told, it is not done. It’s actually resorting to immoral acts for honestly, there’s no other way to describe it. Yet, we often resort to paying bribes. Yet, despite knowing that we are actually toeing the line, we continue to walk along that injurious, undesirable part. But if you ever thought that the level of corruption in India was limited to the national capital, then maybe time has come to delve deep and see where the harrowing truth may also lie. Paying bribes in Rajasthan, it appears, is a normal thing.

For honestly, where it stands at the moment, it doesn’t seem like there’s any other way to explain what can be defined as an utterly normal scenario.

If one was wondering how paying bribes in Rajasthan seems normal, then maybe it’s time to sit back and take notice.

paying bribes in Rajasthan

Around 78 percent of people paid bribes in Rajasthan, according the findings made public by the India Corruption Survey of 2019. The same was published by Local Circles and Transparency International.

But here’s some food for thought. The fact isn’t whether paying bribes in Rajasthan is a more prevalent scenario than is paying bribes in India.

What should worry us about the existing situation is that resorting to unlawful or illicit means, as they say, is not the way to go about things.

Of the 78 per cent of the respondents covered in the latest finding by Transparency International India, 22 per cent suggested that they paid bribes several times. This was done either directly or indirectly.

A telling truth in this study was that only 22 percent shared that they did not pay any bribes, whatsoever.

The report also disclosed the maximum number of people who were studied in the state had given bribes. Does that tell us a thing or two about where we as a country and our state and government machinery are heading to?

But the findings from Rajasthan anti-corruption bureau suggest that these findings aren’t exactly surprising.

That being told, let’s come to the causes for which bribes were paid. What were the reasons that compelled one to pay illicitly?

It is known, according to the report that 44 percent admitted they were compelled to paying bribes in Rajasthan in matters pertaining to property registration and land issues.

Other than that, around 33 percent shared that they were involved in paying bribes in Rajasthan to the cops for some other works. It was also told that transport offices, tax offices, electricity boards were also not far from corruption or at any distance from it.

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