Outlook of marriages and approach towards relationships have totally changed, so does the morality of the society. Neeraj Pandey’s new short film ‘Ouch’ is a closer on the pace of the changing times and its consequences. The short film stars Manoj Bajpayee and Pooja Chopra and they bought the perfect expressions to the screen.

As adults, our choices change and with work and fast pace life, our hearts dwell between millions of choices. Manoj and Priya work together and have an extramarital affair from 3 years but they are married to two different people. Now, this affair which started off as a break from a tense life took a serious turn and they want to divorce their respective partners but what happens next is something that you won’t believe.

Watch The Full Short Film Here:

(Video  Courtesy: LargeShortFilms) 

Where Manoj was ready to take a bold move to follow his heart, Pooja failed to destroy her relationship and family.

There are many choices which don’t fall into the moral space of society yet we make them but we have to be sure of, whether they are leading us to happiness or misery. 

Anything that steps only halfway, can never make your life better. Uploaded by LargeShortFilms this Short movie has its message loud and clear blended with the Dark Humour that is hardly shown in the Indian Cinema.

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24 October 2016
Avni S.Singh

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