Perhaps it won’t be an exaggeration to state or claim that there is hardly a lack of thrill in Rajasthan. Isn’t it? One of the most culturally attractive and charming parts of the country is home a plethora of color, tradition, culinary delights and above all, a massively captivating history. The locals flock to different parts of a state that is actually the largest in the country, going by an area-wise count. And generally, throughout the year, foreign visitors flock to a part of India that’s easy to rejoice in and difficult to forget.

Yet, the appeal of the state only increases, the more one goes on to discover the entirety of the state. For instance, take the desert, the heart of the magic that lies in Rajasthan. The presence of the Thar desert, an attraction in itself, is a feeling of being amidst one of the captivating albeit arid parts on the planet.

But here’s a thought! Generally, whenever the talk concerns Rajasthan, then one finds the self to be lost in the hauntingly charming forts and castles of a state that promises grandeur and an experience that’s quite like no other. You tend to hear about the Jal Mahal or the Amber fort in Jaipur or the mesmerizing Hava Mahal. Move around a bit and then there’s always the opulence of the Lake Palace, a shining example of floating architecture if it might be put that way.

But does one get to hear a lot or as a matter of fact, that often a small-sized city known as Nagaur? Well, truth be told, if you were to ask most working professionals, entrepreneurs or even busy housewives in the urban landscape of India, such as in Delhi or Mumbai or for that matter, Bangalore, almost everyone would tell you about Udaipur or Jaisalmer but few would be able to identify where exactly Nagaur is.

So the point is- why Nagaur? What about Nagaur at this point in time is making news and has perhaps got the rest of the country talking?

Well, here’s what one ought to know. The usually torrid district of Nagaur in Rajasthan, not a place everyone around would be able to identify, putting a finger on the map has experienced something it never actually does: snow!

Snowfall in Rajasthan

Now whether one calls it a part of climate change or a phenomenon that is about as strange or unworldly as fish falling from the skies, it did actually snow in Nagaur, a usually warm region.

NDTV, in its elaboration of the funny-meets-strange development, happened to share the following insights:

The bucket-loads of hail over the sand left the town looking like a winter wonderland. The breath-taking pictures showed roads, roofs, and vehicles completely covered in sheets of ice. However, the unusual fall was a great ordeal for locals who are not used to facing such weather conditions.

The villages of Chhapri, Maulasar, Keechak in Nagaur saw the heaviest hailstorm, resulting in heavy crop losses. The local transportation was also affected as roads and streets were covered with hail, making it difficult for the vehicles to move on roads.

The fact that none would’ve actually even thought of the little district of Nagaur in connection with a hailstorm left Twitter expressing its shock and awe in equal measure.

Several users, in addition to expressing their surprise about the development, shared that not only Nagaur’s roads but the trees and grass and almost every aspect connected with the city of no more than 1.1-1.5 lakhs were covered in ice!

But while the strange climactic phenomenon did surprise a majority of the locals, there’s also another view to the story that doesn’t really tell of an ‘icing’ on the cake- such a phenomenon, it can be said with certainty, points to the dangers posed at the crops and the cattle. It’s not such a good thing after all, for the crop growth.

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