In 1636 Mughal emperor Shah Jahan got Taj Mahal made as a statement of his never dying love for his darling wife Mumtaj. After more than 350 years history is trying to rewrite itself in a quaint little town in Uttar Pradesh. Faizul Hasan Qadri, an 80 year old man from Kaser Kalan village in Bulandshahr district is getting his own Mini Taj Mahal built.

Mini Taj Mahal
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Rebuilding the Taj is no small feat for this retired postmaster who lost the love of his life Tajamulli in 2011, in a fight against cancer. They had got married in 1953. In order to immortalize this love in stone, this modern day Shah Jahan has undertaken this herculean task to get his departed love a present to last many lifetimes.

Faizul has devoted all of his finances in constructing this Mini Taj Mahal , he sold a piece of land and his wife’s jewellery and used up all of his savings to meet the cost of construction. Mr. Qadri who has already spent around 11 lakhs, is struggling with financial crisis to meet the final construction cost. He has to get marble studded on the monument and build a lush green park around it , which is likely to cost him around 6 -7 lakhs more.

Faizul buried his wife on his agriculture piece of land and started to build the tomb later. Many people came forward to help him and offered him money but he refused to take any help so far stating this is his personal endeavour for his wife and embodies his love for late Tajamulli.

The retired Postmaster was recently called for a meeting with the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mr.Akhilesh Yadav, who appreciated his efforts and offered Faizul some monetary help to finish his uncomplete building , but that too has been turned down by the grieving husband.

Qadri has a little space reserved right next to his wife’s grave in the tomb where he desires to be buried after his death. He wishes to see the monument completed before he dies. This 80 year old man is an example of the existence of boundless love and everlasting connection between the two hearts. With his never ending love for his wife he carved his name alongside hers on the sands of time for forever.

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