At this point in time, one would have to extend a gratitude to the alert guards who were manning the gates at Delhi-based Kerala House. Because had the alert guards not been doing their job, there may have been some mayhem in the heart of an important political pit-stop in the middle of Lutyen’s Delhi.

While one doesn’t actually know what the man’s real agenda behind causing a skirmish in Kerala House was- it’s good that this Kerala-based man was stopped right at the entrance itself.

It’s been reported that the man who was stopped before he would have possibly attempted something stupid inside Kerala House was perhaps mentally unstable. The identity of this man has also been confirmed. The 46-year-old nonsense monger is one Vimal Raj who hails from the southern state of Kerala.

The only purpose why this man wanted to storm inside the Kerala House was to meet with the current Kerala CM, Pinarayi Vijayan.

Also armed in his possession was a national flag of India, along with a knife using which Vimal would have caused some ruckus, which was thankfully avoided. Vimal Raj is believed to be a resident of the Keralite destination Karippuzha.

What was most shocking, however, wasn’t the very fact that the man had nearly successfully managed to enter the state house. What was rather absurd and strange was that the alleged man actually threatened everyone that he would commit suicide should he have been stopped. While thankfully he was by a vigil of guards who acted thanks to quick-witted thinking, it’s not really clear as to why he wanted to take his own life?

The man who is believed to be mentally unstable- kept repeating himself which is when he was pinned down to the ground. In that very moment, shocking that it may have been, thankfully some redressal measure was taken by those in attendance to calm the situation down.

Handing the man first to the police, it were the few personnel who shared that the individual may have been mentally unstable. After that, the man was handed over to the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, in Shahadra, so that he could be attended to.

When confronted about what the matter actually was and why he had behaved in a rather appalling, unpredictable manner, the mischief-creator shared the following, in earnest:

“I have two children. The business is down. I don’t earn more than Rs. 500-600 in a day. I have written everything in my letter. I don’t want to live. I don’t want anything from the chief minister,” said the man upon confrontation.

After the incident occurred, the media even reached out to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Madhur Verma who shared the fact that as per the man’s medical documents, it was discovered that the man is mentally challenged.

Thanks to micro-blogging platform, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor too reached out in defence of the unforeseen incident and submitted his thoughts:

Kerala House

At this point in time, a lot has occurred related to incidents of chaos and upheaval. There’s no surprise why people have been debating the endless saga of mob-lynching, a current problem that one notices to have taken the country by a wave of a storm. What can be possibly done to avoid similar instances in the course of the future, it is a matter of debate?

What also needs to be thought about is whether the security at all times manning places of vital political assembly and seating can remain vigilant just the way the guards attending the Kerala house were? Should more incidences occur, they threaten to tear apart the fabric of the common man with regards to the general state of security, that too, in the national capital of the country.

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