Meet India’s First Transgender Sub- Inspector, Prithika Yashini !!

Prithika Yashini is not just a name, she is a ray of hope, an inspiration to all the people who fail to gather the courage to follow their heart. Prithika Yashini is an example to those who think that falling out of line would be impossible. Who is she? She is a transgender who is recruited as the Sub-Inspector of Salem in Tamil Nadu. She is the beginning of breaking stereotype of the people who think transgenders are any less of men and women. Prithika is the beginning of treating humans as equals.

Prithika Yashini wants to be an IPS officer and with her zeal to follow the dreams, she will achieve her aim one day but her journey till now has not been easy. Sub-Inspector is the first step to her big dream but to reach here, she has gone through a legal battle for her rights.

Prithika Yashini
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In 2015 Prithika applied to be a Sub- Inspector and Tamil Nadu Uniformed Services Recruitment Board rejected her application because she did not fit into the categories of male or female genders. Imagine the disrespect she would have felt but she did not give up, instead, she took the matter to Madras High Court and after they decreed that she is eligible for recruitment in the police as Sub-Inspectors, she attempted the written test and became the first transgender woman to be appointed as a Sub-Inspector.

She is first of her kind to join the police force in Tamil Nadu after receiving her appointment order on 15 February 2016. She was one of the 22 people who got appointed by Salem Police Commissioner Sumit Sharan on Monday. After what she has gone through to achieve the tiniest part of her big dream, this achievement thrived her spirit.

She aims to become the first transgender woman to crack the civil services soon. We wish her all the luck in the world. India stands happy and proud to have her serving for her country. We salute her courage and strength.

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18 feb. 2016
Avni S. Singh

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