In a year where #MeToo has definitely risen as one of the most outstandingly uniting movements all around the world, is there a day where one doesn’t hear about a complaint on physical assault?

What started as a huge ripple in the United States, given the accusations levelled against Hollywood big-shot Harvey Weinstein, later leading to the Jewish American Hollywood magnate’s conviction given the multiple heinous crimes he was a part of has now culminated into being 2018’s biggest social activism movement: #MeToo

And one reckons, why not?

After all, there’s the plight of hundreds of thousands of innocent and harmless women involved. Someone’s got to stand up for the women of this world. And wherever they are unsafe, the law has to take matters into its hands so that peace and justice can prevail. But against this core truth, while on is glad that so many women are no longer afraid to speak up and explain their plight, what’s also unsettling is that the number of cases pertaining to harassment just don’t seem to end.

Men of the world- what on earth has gone wrong? Has one particular gender absolutely forgotten how to be chivalrous and decent, and more respecting of the other?

When does this end? Anyways, let’s focus on where the attention really is, at this point in time.

Celebrated E-commerce giant Flipkart has now begun courting the storm in the context of sexual harassment, a shocking complaint being lodged against one of the biggies of the multi-billion dollar firm: Binny Bansal.

Apparently, in lines with a complaint pertaining to sexual assault of a woman, Flipkart’s Binny Bansal has resigned from the company in his current capacity.

So where does this leave the Sachin and Binny Bansal-founded firm, one is compelled to ask?

US-based Walmart now runs Flipkart having bought the company some time ago. All the latest press releases, news pieces and current developments pertaining to the firm are reported on by Walmart, the multi-billion dollar strong American retail giant.

Speaking exclusively to NDTV, Walmart’s office shared the following update in lines with a #MeToo at Flipkart:

The head of Flipkart Group, Binny Bansal, has resigned following an internal probe into “serious personal misconduct”, US-based Walmart – the main shareholder of Flipkart – said on Tuesday, and two people familiar with the matter said it involved an accusation of sexual assault.

But where business strategy, brand standing, and market competition stand, then the departure of this young 37-year-old tech billionaire is being viewed as a huge jolt by Walmart, in its plans to successfully compete with other major players in this sector, such as which is the country’s huge consumer market caterer.

While the exact details of the matter of accusation aren’t really known at this point in time, what is certain is that Mr. Binny Bansal drafted a proper official letter to the American corporate citing the real reason for his departure from the firm. However, what the letter did mention is that the accusations raised against Mr. Bansal have been strongly denied by the gentleman.

Without sharing a great deal on the sensitive current matter, Mr Binny Bansal only stated the following:

“The allegations left me stunned,” said Mr Bansal, who was chief executive of the Flipkart Group from January last year.

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