There’s a reason to believe that what had begun with a sense of piousness and hope to serve parent-less children and those who had no future seems to have nosedived ever since.

The hitherto-revered Mother Teresa-founded Missionaries of Charity hasn’t been at its best where it comes to taking care of children and their listless lives. Particularly where it comes to states like Jharkhand, there’s reason to believe that the famous Missionaries of Charity has been up to some awful wrong.

Apparently, Missionaries of Charity, set up with the primary agenda of adopting kids and taking the otherwise jaded lives under protective wings has somewhere faltered down the line.

No charitable organization, particularly a not-for-profit whose task is to safeguard children and protect them from harm would ever engage in something so utterly malicious as to be ‘selling’ the very lives it had sworn to protect. But, in Jharkhand, 3 children living in a home under the tutelage of Missionaries of Charity had been sold recently igniting doubts and controversy.

In this regard, Union Minister Maneka Gandhi has rightfully decided for an immediate call of action. The Minister has directed all Missionaries of Charity institutes to be examined thoroughly and throughout the country so that this havoc may not be repeated any further.

While taking cognisance of the alleged illegal adoption controversy that erupted in the country, Maneka Gandhi has called out for greater cohesiveness and alertness in the direction of ensuring that no further illegal adoptions happen in the country. And that care is ought to be taken to ensure utmost care and safety of the children protected by the Missionaries of Charity institutes across India.

That all child-care institutions run by the famous charitable body should be immediately inspected is the key focus of Ms Gandhi’s address to the state governments. These are precious young lives that are at stake, after all.

In this regard, Maneka Gandhi as requested all state governments to be cautious and therefore, link all child-care institutions to the Central Adoption Resource Authority, i.e., the CARA.

The most disturbing piece of news in regards the recent ruckus at Jharkhand was published on many Indian media forums and Indian Express was quoted as saying, “A shelter home in Jharkhand run by the Mother Teresa-founded Missionaries of Charity has been reportedly involved in selling three children for money and giving away a fourth child.”

It is believed that since December 2017, as many as 2300 child-care institutions have been linked with the Central Adoption Resource Authority- that is the government’s most vital repository created to keep a database of legal child adoption centres that are located in different parts of the 29-statewide country.

But that said, at the same time, a whopping 4000 registrations are still pending. And this means- it is not a tiny number, rather a massive figure that still needs to be verified and therefore, inducted into the government’s database. The central role of a child adoption centre is, without doubt, to take care of young lives and to take into consideration that every life matters.

Protecting them is the central tenet and principle. Against this primary rule of sorts, what transpired in the state of Jharkhand is simply terrible. And what is most terrible is that the illegal sell-out of children was under the auspices of the famous Missionaries of Charity. What would Mother Teresa have felt had she been around?

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