An imposter trying to get around as an Army officer in New Delhi has been taken in custody by the Delhi Police. The guilty was actually duping people at ATMs, at the pretext of being unable to operate his ATM card and thus seeking help.

Maybe this reads just like the kind of story we have all possibly heard about in some episodes from the real-life or the kind of fictional tale you see in movies. Right?

But then imposters are everywhere right, quite like crime and drugs, ever-prevalent albeit often unbeknownst to the public eye- wouldn’t you agree?

At a time where crime seems to be at an all-time high, it is such incidents that truly convey that nothing can be taken for granted. The saddest part being that in trying to pass off as an Indian Army officer, it is people like the crook and others who do bring a bad name to one of the most venerable institutions of the country.

The Delhi police, in the aftermath of making the key arrest, also revealed the name of the culprit: Sunil Kumar Dubey.

The accused was actually carrying an Army ID card only so innocent people could be lured at any time. His idea being to target the gullible ones, which wasn’t all that difficult having been armed with an ID; for it’s easy to trust the ‘intentions’ of anyone posing as an Army officer or a member of the armed forces of the country.

man arrested in Delhi posing as fake army officer
Image Source: NDTV

Moving on, in a report published in greater detail on the developing story from the heart of the national capital captured some more highlights and it’s worthwhile to take note of:

As per a statement from the Delhi Police, the accused, Sunil Kumar Dubey carried a forged Army ID card so that people would trust his intentions.

As many as 14 credit and debit cards were seized from his possession.

“The complainant, Muhammad Aslam told the police that he was allured by the accused pretending as army person and requested to help him withdraw money from the ATM machine. To show his genuineness he also showed his ID card,” the statement said.

“His modus operandi had been to change the ATM Cards of the victims and then withdraw money from their account,” it added.

Crime in Delhi, as the informed would note, hasn’t really taken a downhill for the authorities to sit relaxed without being perturbed. It only makes sense to be even more cautious in an age where digitalization is at an all-time high and where the advent in technology can only make the job of the crooks easier (than before).

Maybe that is also one of the reasons behind the constant (not sporadic) rise of cybercrimes as well.

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But in this particular episode, what’s rather interesting is to note that this wasn’t some one-time random occurrence with a first time crook eying easy targets. He had been involved in no less than four cases before.

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