Ever since its legitimisation, it has been ridiculed and made fun of. And that too, endlessly so, often becoming the target of trolls on social media. But whether you like it or you like it not, the Aadhaar card is the meatiest personal identification format you have today. And while one cannot judge the substance to the lewd remarks or the sense they carry, it doesn’t look as if the concept of the Aadhaar card is going to weaken any time soon.

Every country has a simple albeit complicated (at times) way of registering the identity of its citizens. For instance, the greatest superpower and now, a Trump-land uses the Personal Account Number while some European countries like Sweden use the Personal Identity Number or PIN to register their fellow countrymen and women. In a clear bid to solidify the digitalisation of India plan, the unique identification system courtesy of the Aadhaar system came into effect a few years ago.

But as with all systems and frameworks, meant for the general public’s usage, what to do if you are to carry out some changes in your personal details? Perhaps, there’s no need for duress. So if you are planning to incorporate the changes in the information or details that you have filled then perhaps time may be right to consider these following steps.

But before anything else, the subscribers can update their address fed into the Aadhaar card system online through UIDAI’s (Unique Identification Authority of India) official website- uidai.gov.in.

Where making other updates are required, then there’s a sense in visiting the nearest Adhaar centre. This was posted by UIDAI’s Twitter handle itself.

For starters, the users of the Aadhaar must keep their data updated in order to avail all the facilities that are provided by the UIDAI.

It may happen that one needs to re-enter information regarding one’s new residential information. So what to do, one might ask? It’s pretty simple according to the procedure. One can simply request an update or a correction in their Aadhaar system using the UIDAI portal. But this is a facility that is available only for Aadhaar holders, that have already enrolled for Aadhaar. One simply to needs to explore the “Check Status-updation done online link” on the UIDAI portal. Thereafter, one simply needs to enter one’s Aadhaar number as also the serial number of the request to know the current status.

In order to monitor the status of the change in the address, one can simply track the same via the same UIDAI portal.

Then, apart from the change in one’s residence or address, there may also be a change in one’s mobile phone. In a lighter vein, it’s rather unusual to find people maintaining just a single cell-phone number nowadays. In this regard, one needs to request for the change in the mobile number associated with the Aadhaar card. For this purpose, the biometric authentication is required. This particular change- it ought to be noted- cannot be made online or by post. The same has been specified in the UIDAI website. Therefore, in order to carry out the necessary change, one needs to visit the enrolment centres.

Last, but not the least, there is also some convenience for the user in mind when it comes to carrying out changes in the Aadhaar card. In case, one needs to update the email id- arguably, the most important digital sign in the age- then the same can be done by visiting the nearest Aadhaar enrolment centre. This is, of course, for the convenience and ease of an already enrolled Aadhaar card user.

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