Ever heard this name before- Changalikodan? You may or may not have. But truth be told, time’s come that one might be hearing the aforementioned, also known as Changalikodan Nendran on more occasions that what one may have thought of, but in the context of an interesting item India’s planned to export to Europe.

Rather, let’s cut it down to the southern state of the country, Kerala. Among the most interesting or positive pieces of news in a country where, of late, there’s been hardly any dearth of negativity (economic troubles, painful mishaps such as rapes, migrant crises, fatalities owing to COVID 19) is the planned export of a specific type of banana to Europe.

Found in Kerala, where it is cultivated in plenty, the Changalikodan, also known as the Nendran banana shall soon be exported to Europe, the state government of one of India’s most popular states announced. Popular also for the spirited efforts taken by the state to counter natural calamities and health scares, and of course, the famous literacy rate (the southern state known for the highest literacy rate anywhere in India, and not since now).

As a matter of fact, the Changalikodan variety of Banana happens to be one of Thrissur’s most known fruits, originating in and cultivated in a village known as Chengalikodan. In its present capacity, the famous variety of banana is actually cultivated on the banks of the Bharathapuza river.

Changalikodan Banana | Kerala's export to Europe
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What’s interesting is that an average bunch bears no fewer than 25 fruits. Now imagine what a brilliant return does this stand to offer a country that would love to participate in a growing exports scene, especially at a time where an embattled economy is trying to fight back?

While on the one hand, most much of the country is unfortunately being bitten by negativity, perhaps a synonym of these COVID-19 times, here’s a piece of news that ought to offer a respite of sorts.

What do you reckon?

Soon, India is going to start the export of this special banana variety to one of the most enigmatic continents on the face of the earth. And basis this development, it’s easier to understand why the VFPCK or the Vegetable or Fruit Promotion Council Keralam is abuzz with positivism.

According to a report published on the said development on Mathrubhumi, among the most widely read publications around the country, the following is of relevance and for everyone’s concern:

According to reports, VFPCK plans to export 10-tonne Nendran banana to UK in next year for Vishu. Nendran banana will be cultivated at selected place as per the agriculture export policy. The agriculture department will bear the expenditure for cultivation in the first phase of the project.

Farmers at Mattathur in Thrissur district are selected to cultivate banana. They began the cultivation for export from June and are cultivating banana as per the directions of VFPCK and Banana Research Centre, assuring the quality of the produce.

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Harvesting will be carried out in March. After this, procedures for export will be initiated. The banana will be exported to Europe through sea route with the help of an agency in Thiruvananthapuram.

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