No Indian can forget about the massive ache November 8th, 2016 brought to the people of this country. Everyone lauded the move at first but soon the problems started emerging from the move, one of which was a shortage of cash in ATM. People were standing in long and excruciating lines to take their money out of their own bank accounts, and it was nothing short of a work in itself. But, with time the life and cash in ATM went back to normal.

However, the cash crunch problem has risen again. ATMs at several parts of the country have become either non-functional or are running dry. People are struggling to get their money out of their banks again and as soon as the issue started getting into the tabloids and news, Arun Jaitley tweeted on the issue. He tweeted, “Have reviewed the currency situation in the country. Overall, there is more than the adequate currency in circulation and also available with the Banks. The temporary shortage caused by ‘sudden and unusual increase’ in some areas is being tackled quickly”.

Ministry of State for Finance, SP Shukla, even came forward and stated the reason behind the shortage. He said that cash crunch problem is because some states have low currency reserves in comparison to others. Shukla also said, as reported by the Indian Express, that the issue would be resolved within three days.

But all of these explanations and problems can’t resolve the struggles people are facing in terms of the cash crunch. Here is how Twitterati reacted to the cash crunch struggle.

Are ATMs around you also running dry? Tell us.

Jyotsna Amla

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