Hacking some of the most influential and important websites is a trend being followed all around the world for quite some time now. We have seen it happening with some big websites around the world and in the country as well, and while sometimes it’s done by someone with a strong positive/negative message, most of the time it’s done by some extremely idle people to have some fun.

Yesterday, Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia University website got hacked and this hacking was done by someone who wanted to wish their beloved pooja for their birthday.

The hacker changed the interface of the website for a ‘Happy Birthday Pooja’ gif and we don’t know about you but that’s one great gesture for someone’s birthday. The Internet was quick to react on the same and jumped on the bandwagon to react to the situation. While some called out the competency of the college IT department regarding the security of the website, other’s simply did the most obvious thing to do in this kind of situation, make a joke about it. And, that’s exactly what the people did, check out the reactions over here.

No person or group has yet claimed the responsibility for the hack, and even the university officials are yet to give a formal statement on the situation. However, the website is back to normal and working like before. Jamia is not the first one to see a cyber attack like this one, in early April, the Supreme Court’s website too was allegedly hacked by a Brazilian group, which resulted in “hackeado por HighTech Brazil HackTeam” written all over their web page.

All of these timely hacks are indeed funny and all, but they also challenge one important question, why are websites of reputed organisations not secured like one?

Jyotsna Amla

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