Canadian Prime Minister is known for many things and one of those is how good looking he is (and young too). Which is why, find anything fishy about his looks and it will sure shot blow up on the Internet.

Over the course of the weekend, many things went downhill at the G7 Summit, one being Canada and the US’ relationship with each other. And how US President Donald Trump called Trudeau “very dishonest and week”.

The entire thing almost immediately got people talking on social media about whether or not it was the right thing to say. But along with all that there was one more thing that the people on Twitter were discussing with intense attention and it was Justin Trudeau’s eyebrows. Yes, you read it exactly what’s written. After the summit ended, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was addressing the press about everything that happened at the summit and his views on it, but there was something off about his look, especially his eyebrows. And, people immediately noticed it.

It appeared as if Justin Trudeau’s eyebrow fell off, or at least its extension part.

The video quickly went viral for the obvious reasons and got everyone talking on the micro-blogging site. While a few initially tried to argue it might be photoshopped, a few experts and professional bet their “years of experience” and vouched for it being authentic, considering it does not look morphed at all.

This has led to a whirlwind of memes and jokes on Justin Trudeau and his eyebrows which is both sad and entertaining. Here are few of the reactions people had on the news.

After a lot of fun, it turns out, it was indeed the result of just some tricky lighting, as other images and videos from the G7 summit proved. Some Twitter users, including journalists present at G7, even explained the controversial eyebrow and what caused it.

Whatever the reason was, but we definitely would never be able to forget about Justin Trudeau’s eyebrows and the conspiracy attached to it, for a brief time.

Jyotsna Amla

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