Aviation is easily amongst the most competitive industries in India. Perhaps, it’s the same scenario here in the world’s largest democracy as in the other parts of the world.

Not a day goes by when some national newspaper or media outlet does not carry a news concerning airlines or flight-schedules, discounted rates and exciting travel schemes in the true sense of the word.

But, in a world where showmanship is much important (if not any less)than the standard-bearers of excellent service standards such as punctuality and passenger convenience, there’s immense competiton amongst different airlines to ace the battle.

And in that regard, the name of one particular airline has ruled the roost when it concerns the list of India’s most punctual airlines. So can you guess which one is it?

Is it Air India? Or is it SpiceJet? Which one is India’s most punctual airline? Well, truth be told, it’s neither among these. In fact, India’s leader amongst the country’s most punctual airliner is IndiGo and truthfully speaking, it’s hardly a surprise.

Seldom does one hear a passenger or frequent flier complain about IndiGo’s haphazard, confusing or lackadaisical travel schedules, isn’t it? IndiGo is today- a name highly sought-after and one that carries a mark of utmost passenger safety and convenience in the nation. It’s more than a brand name in all honesty. It’s amongst the most revered airlines in the country.

But interestingly, the rankings whose results just came in recently also measured a global standard. So where India’s IndiGo stood apart from the rest of the league in being on top of other airlines where it came to punctuality, there were a number of other global carriers that found shining mention.

In the said rankings, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways stood at the first and second spot, respectively, gaining an OTP of 85.2 and 83.8 per cent.

In a proper, confabulation of world’s 20 mega airlines, IndiGo stands on rank 4th, overall and this is a moment of great joy and celebration for the famous airliner.

What’s most interesting is that- and one’s not saying this in any lighter vein- India or Indians are not really known for their glorious punctuality or for being utterly time-bound. It’s more to do with the easy-going or laidback nature of the peoples if it could be said. Against this cultural discrepancy, the presence of IndiGo on Rank.4 in this coveted list is surely indicative of the country beating its own record fair and square.

And, that said, the news also comes across as being rather interesting and refreshing against what aren’t the proudest standards or characteristics of the country. In a special news snippet that was captured in the illustrious Times of India, the airline’s survey was widely covered and made a few interesting observations:

Flights that arrive or depart before 15 minutes of their schedule are considered on-time performers by the air travel intelligence firm. But in case you were left wondering as to how did the other airlines in the world fare in these rankings, then here’s unveiling some interesting facts/names.

On Rank 7 was the USA’s United Airlines, while American Airlines occupied the 9th slot as the brilliant 3rd slot went to another US Airline major- Delta Air Lines.

All that told, here’s something interesting that covers the wide scope of the airlines that have been considered in the Top 20 mega airliners of the world.

Of the 20 in the lot, based on rankings, there are around 6 carriers each from Europe and the Asia Pacific region while seven come from North America and just one from Latin America.

Air AsiaIndia is also there in the said list but occupies a not so glorious 17th rank out of the top-20 list. Among the 3 most busiest domestic routes in India are as follows:

Mumbai-Delhi, Bangalore-Delhi, which is followed by Mumbai-Bangalore

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