India is a country of many interesting cultures that run within it, parallelly with one another. And it’s a land where each culture functions without losing respect for any of its tiny cultures’ thereon. India is not just the history textbook on the table, the political chaos on the television or just the start-up ecosystem alone.

In while entrepreneurship has limited the gap between what there is and what can be, there are pillars like India’s infrastructure that are carrying the world’s largest democracy forward.

Had it not been for infrastructure and the constant spate of developments one finds in this sphere, we may never have realized the significance of urban transportation,

And speaking of infrastructure, there’s perhaps nothing more interesting and significant at this point in time, other than the Bogibeel Bridge, a possible cornerstone of Indian infrastructure’s might, truth be told.

Now, this leaves us with the question as to what exactly is the Bogibeel bridge and why is it pulling the attention from different parts of the country.

Here’s what you got to know.

The Bogibeel bridge is India’s longest railroad bridge and its great tensile strength enables it to bear the weight of fighter jets and even tanks. Now, this enormous strength might immediately interest many of us.

It suffices to say that the Bogibeel bridge is designed in a way that it can bear massive weights for the simple reason that it has to enable heavy public transportation being a railroad bridge.

That said, another interesting perspective about the Bogibeel bridge is that from the perspective of noting its readiness to bear the weight of fighter jets and tanks, the weight of a 60-tonne battle tank can be endured by this infrastructure behemoth.

Bogibeel bridge Modi

December 25, 2018, was a proud day for the country where the longest railroad bridge was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself in Assam. Within minutes of the picture being retweeted by the PM himself, the new beacon- can we put it like that- shot to the attention of everyone and rightly so.

It’s a sensational 4.9-kilometre long railroad bridge that’s spread across the Brahmaputra, making for both- a sensational engineering and infrastructure accomplishment- as well as being an aesthetically pleasing spectacle.

NDTV was quoted saying the following:

The construction of the Bogibeel bridge was agreed by the government as part of a 1985 agreement to end years of deadly agitation by Assamese nationalist groups.

Having said that, here’s a perspective perhaps worth exploring.

While that shouldn’t come as a surprise since the PM has always rallied behind developments that are embedded in the idea of nation-building, who could be surprised and pleasantly so – fundamentally speaking- is the ignorant lot in the country that hardly pays an attention toward understanding the importance engineering developments and mega infra thrust that the country works on, every now and again.

Having said that, perhaps its time to focus attention on where it is also due; perhaps its time to celebrate India for all that it stands for, a country that takes pride in celebrating both- a heavy-duty wedding of one of its the most successful business families’ as also one where campaigns like ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ are more than a DTC bus sticker. Perhaps its time to focus attention on a country where campaigns for fake news are considered worthy of debating even as they might not seem particularly intriguing in front of the entertainment one finds in reading about a North Korean dictator.

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