India’s growth in 2020! Just how will it be in the next year? All are wondering about India’s growth in 2020.

In fact, where it stands at the moment, there’s not an awful lot of time that remains before the start of the new year. We are staring already toward the Christmas break and the holiday season- aren’t we?

This decade being done and dusted-nearly- all eyes are pointing and gazing curiously at the future. To an economy that is usually concerned with creating a lot of jobs, focusing on what can be done and how might things be aligned more with growth and possibilities, the current scenario for the Indian economy doesn’t look too good.

In fact, concerns about the Indian economy have been paramount in recent times. The lack of jobs, the sluggish economic growth and above all, prominent sectors finding themselves exasperated in front of the global recession, which economists are of the view, is yet to settle down, there’s a lot of contemplation going around for India’s growth in 2020.

And the fact that the concerns are no longer unrealistic or simply an irrelevant assumption is down to the fact that it is confirmed that India’s pace of growth, in the last six years, has been the slowest.

And all that said, here is an interesting hint provided by one of the most renowned financial institutions in all of the world regarding India’s growth in 2020.

india's growth in 2020
The economic times

Goldman Sachs is of the view that the state of the economy and India’s growth in 2020 might pick up a bit.

Goldman Sachs’ Chief Economist, Jan Hatzius has pointed to a slight recovery in the fortunes of the currently ailing economy for 2020.

So what exactly might happen in the course of the future and what does 2020 have in sight for India’s growth, an economy that is hoping for an economic turnaround?

CNBC reported- That said, the extent of the recovery will likely be modest instead of returning India to the growth rates seen a few years back, said Jan Hatzius, the investment bank’s chief economist and head of global economics and markets research.

A sense of optimism can be extracted from the recent interaction between Goldman Sachs Chief Economist Jan Hatzius who was of the following views:

“As we go into 2020, we think there’s a tentative sense of stabilization in the Indian economy.”

It is understood that some factors such as the manufacturing and Purchasing Managers’ Index have improved in recent times. These are understood to be the key performance parameters of an economy.

In addition to the above, Mr. Hatzius was also known to have shared:

“An improving global economy and domestic policies such as corporate tax cuts should help to lift economic activity in India.”

The Monetary Policy of the country is yet to be eased, a fact confirmed by the Chief Economist, who was of the view that this could play well into the country’s economic growth in 2020.

He would further add, “we’ll see how strong the rebound is. We did see a significant deceleration, will it be able to make that up in 2020 and 2021 to get back to the growth rates that we saw a couple of years ago?” asked Hatzius in his chat with the media.

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