India is a massive country. But is the country only big in terms of its size by virtue of the land-area alone? India is a country renowned for being a hotbed of great spiritual inquisition. But is this depth only restricted to amazing personalities that have had something to do with religion and faith and matters concerning both?

In fact, India is a land truly obsessed with dance and singing and an utterly thriving film-culture.

To that regard, it produces among the most number of films every year when compared to other nations and is often known to outnumber the number of Hollywood releases.

There’s hardly a doubt that some of you would’ve come to read most of what you read above. But again, is that the only thing about India that’s worth reading?

Could it be that there’s a lot many endeavors where India is growing by leaps and bounds but probably without much of the world registering it? If at all this is true then one got a good gist of this fact by virtue of a development that had India written all over it.

So, let’s dispense with too much bickering and focus our attention on what’s making the news.

Apparently, in a piece of news that has emerged as a harbinger of good hope and faith for those associated with the finance sector, especially that part of the world that concerns itself with stocks, India’s just observed a massive gain.

In what appears to be nothing shy of a massive gain, the might in the buck has only grown by a few more leaps and bounds as India’s stock market has been declared the seventh-largest in the world, having just overtaken Germany.

Would you believe it? Where are the constant bickerers who couldn’t stand the sight of the Indian stock market, especially in the last few months?

The stock market of India has truly experienced what can only be called a sensational new high. Speaking on this report- one of massive importance for the fate of the country in entirety- the revered Times of India stated the following:

India’s benchmark S&P BSE Sensex is up 5 percent after seesawing throughout the year amid oil-price volatility.

Having said that, a key factor which surely has put India ahead in the sphere of growth sweepstakes, so to speak, is this reliance on local demand and entrepreneurship.

In the past seven years, whenever one would pit the equity market of Deutschland vis-a-vis that of India, it would always positively remain ahead of the ‘world’s largest democracy.’ Having said that, a lot has changed and that too, for the better.

For the first time in the past seven years has the Indian stock exchange grown bigger than that of Angela Merkel’s land.

In what can only be called a huge achievement on the part of India, the growth of the stock market is particularly special since it’s bypassed what still is Europe’s fastest growing market in the form of Germany.

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