The death toll in India owing to the Coronavirus Pandemic was reported to be 1,32,764 according to the latest (confirmed) numbers. Check here for reference.

To some, this may be a serious figure. To some, this may not seem all that serious and one would reckon, there’s little sense to get into a discussion where the odds are often stacked in the realm of polarisation.

That being said, is that all? Surely, not- right?

The death toll in India owing to the treacherous COVID-19 pandemic is one thing, but something quite other is the sheer tally of the Coronavirus cases. It is known that – and this may only perturb people- that the current tally of cases in the country has touched 9 million.

And that’s not all.

In the very recent times, there have been no fewer than 46, 232 new cases.

So there you go. One can either panic about this or one can choose to side with safety and practice the basic safety (read hygiene) protocols that have been established- and not just that, been told time and again- for observing one’s well-being.

Though, in truth, it doesn’t seem as if- or the author could be wrong- that one’s actually practicing the safety norms instituted for one’s own well-being.

Wondering how?

Very well. Take a look at this right here. This is a hotel. Need more?

Check this.

Need still more updates. Why not.

This one right here seems- and with all due respect to the powers that be in the national capital- to be an important political party in the beating heart of the country (Mumbai don’t believe this, we know your love affair with Delhi 🙂

Nonetheless, there’s no rocket science in understanding that the greater one takes care of the self and his or her family, the greater our chances to avoid the pathetic Coronavirus.

Isn’t it? Surely, one doesn’t need to set a reminder on the hand-held gadgets to self-sanitise or observe social distancing!

What do you reckon?

Meanwhile, the following is what Hindustan Times had to say on the developing story that clearly suggests that the death toll in India- given the way things are going- may only increase unless and until one exercises caution.

According to the health ministry’s dashboard at 8am, there have been 8,478,124 recoveries from the viral disease so far with 49,715 new discharges in the last 24 hours. The national recovery rate improved to 93.67% on Saturday and the gap between recovered and active cases of the coronavirus disease widened to 8,038,377. The health ministry has said that 28 states and Union territories have less than 20,000 active cases and that 20 of them were reporting a cumulative positivity rate lower than the national average of 6.95% as on Friday.

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