New Delhi: In India, Police is usually blamed for their laid-back attitude, corruption friendly nature and no or little social responsibility. But, it seems, the perspective is soon going to change, courtesy Mumbai Police’s latest campaign.

The Mumbai Police has launched a drive against the marijuana smokers. Under this, the official Twitter handle of Mumbai Police is posting a series of tweets with the hashtag #HoshMeinAao.

It might be sounding like an ordinary campaign where information about its harms will be provided.

But, here’s a catch, wait before you jump to conclusion.

Mumbai Police, in this one of a kind drive, is spreading awareness against drug abuse in their quintessential ‘punny’ way.

For example, take a look at the tweet posted by the official Twitter handle of Mumbai Commissioner of Police Ahmed Javed.

1. “If you roll, we will weed you out #HoshMeinAao.”

This punny tweet, aimed at marijuana smokers, has gone viral and received tremendous response from the social birds.

Here are some other shots from the Mumbai Police:

2. “Roar like a lion. Stop doing ‘meow-meow’ #HoshMeinAao.”

3. “Hi! Have you ‘meth’ us? #HoshMeinAao”

4. “Be a hero without ‘heroin’. #HoshMeinAao”

The right amount of wit and pun is serving the dual purpose of connecting with the youth as well as creating awareness.

And it is not the first time that Mumbai Police has chosen this unusual way; they are on this unusual spree since joining Facebook a month ago. Recently, their tweets on cyber security also won hearts with people appreciating their way of connecting with youth.

Seeing the trend, it won’t surprise us if Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle becomes the favourite among the users very soon.

Delhi Police it’s time for you to rock n roll.

28 jan. 2016

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