A simple three-letter word, one that we often think- and also, endlessly talk about- happens to be one of the biggest truths of life. And the word, quite like this statement, isn’t a ‘lie!’ Well it’s sex- what else are you thinking about? Just that it happens to be like that mellifluous sweet that tends to always have your tongue rolled the in cheek.

You think of it when you are not having it and when not, then you are by and large, guilty of thinking about it.

Either way- you are captivated by it.

Few things override our attention span as this simple, rather harmless word. Just that there are some who simply can’t have enough of it. And it’s not necessarily your movie icons that often marry and end relationships seeking this tool of liberation. Or for that matter, the self-proclaimed Instagram idols who post, with each passing minute, tongue waging pictures as if to say the phrase Aphrodite was born with their arrival upon earth.

There are some rather interesting personalities on God’s mighty earth that are driven by the incessant desire to seek this small-word, albeit one with enormous repercussions.

Take for instance a relatively unknown Gujarat farmer, who in his admission that he wishes to marry for the seventh time, became a subject of ceaseless readership on the Internet.

Gujarat farmer marries for seventh time
Image Source: Network 18

Yes sir. There actually happens to be a Gujarat farmer who claims to be looking for a record seventh marriage for a reason that bears a direct consequence with this word we’ve been talking about.

For the simple reason that his sixth wife actually refused to have sex with him is what coaxed the Surat-based Gujarat farmer in India to look for a seventh wife.

Can you even beat that?

In an age where never before have we so compulsively used phrases like “Despo” or “Frustrated” it’s interesting to see how this Gujarat farmer is making swift moves.

Well there are many with deep pockets and a certain position in life who often complain and simply crib about a lack of action in life!

And by that they do not mean action movies starring Rambo or a frequently butt-kicking Van Damme.

So at a time where just about anything makes news, it’s not entirely redundant to know about this dude- for how else are you going to address him?

Here’s what popular channel News 18 had to say on the subject of a piece of news that’s as weird as it is offbeat:

Ayyub Degiya, a farmer from a village in Surat, got married to his sixth wife in September 2020. The woman he married was 21 years younger than him. However, in December 2020, he separated from her because she reportedly refused to share a physical relationship with him.

Here’s what’s even more interesting: the same news platform further highlighted- Degiya’s first wife, however, is still very much alive and actually lives in the same village with five children he had fathered. They are aged between 20 and 35.

So where you and I are often bogged down about how to confess to our families regarding a job unfortunately lost or an investment scheme gone bonkers- quite refreshing to note there are others who have a different quest in life.

Don’t you think?

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And what makes this really weird sort of news a standout is that in times where the Coronavirus pandemic is still looming large (and where economic troubles still form our day-to-day struggles) someone’s life is quite happening.

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