Give Clean Look To Your House In ‘Quick Way’ Before Diwali

Diwali is around the corner and you are worried about the cleaning process, you are perplexed from where to begin. You have a tight schedule with it the herculean task of cleaning seems impossible to crack. Then, leave your worries aside; we are here to guide you with easy tips and tricks to clean your house in a hypersonic manner. Hope it will become the map guide to make your house all shiny and glittery.

Diwali Cleaning

Keep this ‘need to know’ information handy:

* The cleaning process should begin from top to bottom.

* Cut your unused clothes and use them for cleaning along with sponges.

* The old newspaper should be kept to clean mirror and glasses.

* Make up your mind to throw clutter and donate all unused items.

* Use rubber gloves and wear some old clothes.

Before starting the cleaning process, divide your things into categories: frequently use; seasonal use; brought in the past for future use; purchased just like that etc. The first step is to clean the cobweb if there is any on the ceiling or wipe the wall with the help of fine bristle broom to remove dust. Afterwards kitchen is the place:

* Clean top shelf; remove the utensils you have not used for ages.

* Clear cabinets and wipe it out per the material used in your kitchen. Focus on the handles of the cabinet doors. Once done, you will be surprised to see the results.

* Clean your sink, disinfect it and use vinegar to remove any foul smell.

* Clean your fridge; keep a half-cut lemon if there is any foul smell.

* Always wash your storage container before refilling it. (It will save your lot of time).

Next is your bathroom and toilet, clean the tiles with cleaner and remove empty bottles and sachets if those are waiting to be thrown away from ages. Just scrub the floor and use plenty of water to clean it. Disinfect toilet and bathroom with the use of disinfectant. An easy and economical way is to use baking soda and vinegar the combination can clean your clog drains. Clean mirror, window panes and channels with the surf solution and water and use newspapers to give the final touch.

In the end, start your bedroom, begin with dusting and bed-making, afterwards from your wardrobe remove clothes which have not touched from past one year and throw them.

To end the cleaning journey, clean all your gadgets and electronics. If you have a carpet, then read the instructions before cleaning your carpet. Keep your main gate and entrance clean and buy a shoe rack if you don’t have one. Keep different flip-flop or shoes to wear in-house, just keep extra pair near the entrance so that one can remove shoes outside and your floor will be free from dust.

So, we hope you can clean your home with the help of our map guide and embrace Diwali with happiness.

6 Nov 2015

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