FIR Against Jharkhand BJP Chief’s Son For Marrying An 11-Year-Old Girl

BJP Chief Tala Marandi’s son Munna Marandi has landed himself and his father into a legal trouble. His son is accused of sexually exploiting a girl for two years and then marrying another girl who is 11-year-old.

A girl has filed a complaint against Munna at a court in Godda district  in which she accused Munna exploited her sexually for two-year, promised to marry her and then he went back on his word and married another girl who is a minor. She said that Munna befriended her and gifted her a mobile phone so that she could be in touch with him after that he used her sexually, promised to marry then married someone else.

Jharkhand BJP Chief
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She stated that she filed the complaint after she discovered about Munna Marandi’s marriage.

When the Jharkhand Women Commission learnt about this sexual exploitation, the chairperson Mahua Manjhi assured the girl that her complaint will be acted upon and she will get justice.

A notice on Tala Marandi has also been issued for getting his son married to a girl who is just 11-year-old.

Raghubar Das, Jharkhand Chief Minister was to attend the wedding reception in Godda on Wednesday but he cancelled his plans at the last moment to avoid the controversy.

BJP has so far been silent on this issue and the opposition parties are demanding an enquiry on the case.

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2 July, 2016
Avni S.Singh

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