It is considered as among the biggest problems that one could possibly ever have where it comes to personal or should one say private health. In many ways, it can be soul-shattering without resorting to the need of making things controversial. At an individual as well as the relationship level, this can be an outcome that can wreak havoc and damage relationships and equations among the two genders. Some say that the growing concern about this issue has a direct link with the rising level of stress that is out there.

Over the past few years or should one say, given the rate at which one is constantly getting to hear or read about fertility problems existing among couples out there, considering that even young couples have been consumed in the wake of this issue, it could be said that problems related to infertility have been something of an epidemic.

Really, is there any other way to put it?

Just think of it! Those afflicted by the problem of infertility are dealt a blow that can be, to put it mildly, nothing less than depressing.

And given the above is actually truer now perhaps than what it was in the past- all have keenly awaited the conception of one bright solution.

Can there be a drug for the treatment of infertility in India? In fact, on more occasions, a question has been asked again and again: is there a drug for the treatment of infertility in India?

Well, guess what- now there seems to be an answer, at least in the near or hopefully near future if not in the immediate one!

It appears that renowned drug company Mankind Pharma has the answer to what has haunted many a couple; a drug for the treatment of infertility in India!

fertility treatment

With the launch, the company has become the first Indian and second global firm to develop the drug, Mankind Pharma said in a statement.

In fact, in what comes across truly like a piece of exemplary news, there is more information available in the public domain that may offer a welcoming respite to many who have known none for a while.

The Economic Times, in its elaboration of the much-needed work that Mankind Pharma is making made some useful observations as it said:

The company’s product is generic version of Abbott’s Duphaston tablets, it added.

“The launch of this drug is an important milestone for Mankind Pharma. We are the first Indian pharmaceutical company to develop this drug and second company in the world,” Mankind Group founder and Chairman R C Juneja said.

Currently, the drug is being launched only in India, a post that the company is planning to launch the drug in countries where it already has a presence, he added.

All of that said, it is also worthwhile to note that at the present moment, the famous drug maker- Mankind Pharma- in divergent spheres pertaining to medical treatment, such as pharmaceutical, veterinary, OTC as well as the FMCG segments.

In addition to that, it is also worthwhile to note that at present, the firm is operating in Asia, Africa, and North America.

But what is really interesting to note is just how big a reaction will the soon-to-be-launched drug will generate in a market that could perhaps be a major gamechanger for a medical solution of that scale and impact!

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