VCE Exam Simulator from Avanset is the hottest software in the world of certification exams. It is a test engine that is specifically designed to help the candidates who are preparing for the certification tests of different complexity. It is an amazing software that allows you to create, edit and play practice exams in a way that is more similar to the actual exam.

What makes VCE Exam Simulator #1 tool for your preparation?

VCE Exam Simulator plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your preparation goes on smoothly. It stands out to be the best software to improve your performance in the real certification exam because of the following features:

1. Realistic exam simulation

VCE Exam Simulator can give you the experience that is very close to the real exam. It exclusively mimics the actual exam environment in the following ways:

  • Exam report
  • Screen layout
  • Question style
  • Question percentage in every domain

VCE Exam Simulator will take you through arealistic simulated exam environment so you can get used to the exam pattern. 

2. Improve your test-taking skills

VCE Exam Simulator helps you to feel like you are in the actual exam atmosphere. As far as we can say, this is priceless, especially for the first-time exam takers. We all know that confidence is really important while sitting the exam and VCE Exam Simulator helps you to become more self-assured and attentive.

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3. Several different question types

If you have ever done a certification exam before, then you surely know that different exams contain different types of questions. Some of the questions types that you can play with VCE Exam Simulator include drag-and-drop, multiple-choice, performance-basedand more. Thus, VCE Exam Simulator gives you the possibility to get used to the various types of questions and learn how to tackle them.

4. Whole exam in a single file

The technology has taken the world by far. VCE software istruly a unique tool – you just have to download a suitable file. Once you upload the file to VCE Exam Simulator, you will be able to select questions based on the topics or exam objectives. Therefore, you can assess yourself topic by topic until you feel ready to tackle the exam.

5. Customizable exam taking mode

You will surely like to take an exam in your most preferred mode or method. Perhaps, you may want to set the time limit to complete a certain number of questions. VCE Exam Simulator is the perfect option because you can set the time as well as the exam taking mode. Hence, VCE Exam Simulator is the best tool to do a practice exam in your preferred way.

VCE Exam Simulator is not only for individuals but also for companies and institutions. You can purchase VCE Exam Simulator for your company at an affordable price. However, there are steps to follow when you have decided to purchase VCE Exam Simulator for your institution or company. Here is how to get the VCE Exam Simulator:

Step 1: Choose the product type

Avanset provides you with the two options to purchase VCE Exam Simulator:

  • VCE Exam Simulator BASIC – this enables you or your clients to take tests from existing exam files and can run on 2 computers.
  • VCE Exam Simulator PRO – it enables you and your clients to take a test from existing files, create, edit and print your own exams.This version also runs on 2 computers. 

Step 2: Payment 

After you have successfully selected your company’s subscription option, you need to pay the charges. If you have the promotion code, then you need to enter it before you press the “Pay Now” button. To proceed, you are required to enter your billing address as well as your billing details.

Step 3: Download and Install

Your purchase is now complete and you can install VCE Exam Simulator in your company’s computers (don’t forget that they should use the same license). You only need to know that your subscription is going to expire once the chosen period is over. However, you will be still eligible to subscribe for the second time if your company is still in need of VCE Exam Simulator.

The best practice tests to play with VCE Exam Simulator can be found on the ExamSnap website. Here you will find practice tests of high quality which are created by exam takers and knowledgeable specialists. All exam questions from ExamSnap platform are constantly updated so you can be sure that you practice with the most recent and actual questions. Use ExamSnap and you will surely find practice questions for any certification exam.


VCE Exam Simulator is designed to take you through an actual exam environment, so feel free to purchase it and enhance your preparation. VCE Exam Simulator also ensures that you have used the shortest time possible to prepare for the exam because you can track your time for every question and exam session. Get VCE Exam Simulator and you will be able to pass a certification exam of any difficulty. 

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