Diwali is way off the corner and everyone started to feel sad and low. Isn’t it? A whole week of celebration, ample time spent with family, outing with friends, staying away from office and work, eating a lot of delicious food items and lightning everywhere, the long celebration ended and everything became stale all of a sudden. All that family time and fun ended and left you with the sadness of heavy expenses you just did on Diwali.

Yes! All of the sadness you are experiencing these days has a strong connection with the recent Diwali celebration. There are so many things which are making you feel deprived. Homesickness or the pressure of managing the budget after big fat Diwali you just celebrated. It is all related to your bad mood these days. You are not alone who is facing Diwali Blues.

Before you submerged in the ocean of sadness, do read ahead.  We have some cheer up make over activities lined up for you that will help you get over these Diwali Blues.

Get In Shape.

Get In Shape
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Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India and in our country every festival is all about delicious food and beverages. There is no way you can resist the temptation of ingesting those mouthwatering dishes. Most of us would have put on a kilo, two or maybe more, eating all the delicious and lovely food. We require energy and activity to bounce back from the holiday mode. Stop feeling sad and reduce some flab to get back to work and daily life routine. It will keep you in shape and exercising will improve your mood as well.

Plan For The Upcoming Weekends.

November is almost gone and December has two long weekends. You can plan trips with your colleagues, friends or family. But for that you need to plan it and it takes a lot of time to execute things perfectly. So why are you thinking about what’s gone? Start planning for the next fun vacations. You will feel energetic and happy instantly. See it’s so simple and fun as hell.

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Set Your New Goals.

This year is an old story. In almost two months, 2017 is going to end and you will be welcoming 2018, soon. Set your goals for a new happy year. It’s already time to plan for 2018. You have got a whole year to plan yet you are sitting downhearted. That’s not a smart move. Plan about your future and set some real goals you want to achieve in 2018. It will give a breath of fresh air in this melancholy.


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24 Nov 2015
Avni S. Singh

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