Delhi Lawyer Stuns Everyone After Declaring Rs 125 Crores Undisclosed Income

A Delhi Lawyer shocked everyone when he declared Rs 125 crores as his uncounted income to the Income Tax Department on Thursday. The I-T department and the legal authorities are scandalised after this revelation and have initiated a probe to dig down more about the person.

The lawyer practicing at Delhi High Court and Supreme Court has send chills down the spines of Delhi’s legal circles after he revealed this huge amount during an investigation at his South Delhi Bungalow. The lawyer came into the limelight when bought this property for Rs 100 crores.

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Officials of the IT Department have also said that they have also found other documents related to more properties and his investments in various companies.

The investigation was a part of a drive initiated by the IT Department, targeting the persons famous for ‘getting things done’ such as ‘consultants’ and ‘peons’. The people engaged in sectors like aviation, defence, infrastructure, Income Tax and customs were the main targets.

The investigations started after the Indian Government gave a window to declare any undisclosed income till 30th September. The drive has led the Income Tax Department to the documents related to undisclosed assets of three other persons:

  1. Sanjay Bhandari from defence sector
  2. Deepak Talwar, a corporate consultant, known for his ‘jugaads’ in the aviation and road sector.
  3. PN Sanyal, a go to guy for Income tax related problems.

Now the I-T Department is planning to target more high profile targets that are suspected to have a huge amount of undisclosed income and wealth.

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21 October 2016
Rohan Jaitly

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