Nothing that one can say or do in a bid to warrant respect to Women could ever sound complete or fulfilling. Truth be told, there are no adjectives anywhere ever that can sufficiently capture the enigma and integrity that being a woman personifies and brings forth to our world and society; the place we come to cohabit.

Yet, the increase in the number of crimes against women in a country that claims to and does, as a matter of fact, boasts of a culture that represents women as being no less than deities and symbols, beats the very logic that has been cemented in the first place.

In other words, the murky reality; crimes against women; vis-a-vis the standard statement that one commonly hears about in India; ‘we must respect women and consider all womenfolk as our equals in the society’; defies logic.

It cannot be that you say something and do something drastically different.

But the more you explore the decadence that has begun to set in, in urban India and other regions, far-flung from the glamor and fanfare, the more you begin to realize just what’s happening on the ground.

Not a day goes by when one doesn’t hear or see or read about incidents perpetrated against the women of our country, all of which lead to the truth that there’s been a constant increase in crimes against women.

This sorry state of affairs prevalent in the country where on the one hand, Bharat Maa is represented proudly and boldly in the form of a woman wielding the national flag, and on the other, the integrity and pride of the same woman is hurt, damaged by an uncouth side of the society puts one in deep shame, besides hurting the fabric of the society.

That nothing too urgent or helpful has been done in the direction of checking the picture that has, so far gone unchecked- increase in crimes against women- presents a curious subject of debate between the ruling party and those in its opposition: Congress.

Frustrated, angered, enraged and whatnot! The increase in crimes against women in our country has given rise to constant spewing of vitriol from the Congress’ side that the BJP, led by Shri Narendra Modi has to answer.

Because we simply cannot wait and see more cases of rape and outright molestation of women in our society for one to take notice.

Long after the terrible and shocking episode of the Nirbhaya Kaand (dreaded rape case that shook the country well over half a decade back in time), we have, time and again, gone on to see countless episodes, such as the Unnao incident, the chilling Kathua case, and where the recent episode lies, then the Hyderabad veterinary doctor’s rape.

Speaking from the stable of Congress in what could only be described as an unsurprising attack on the honorable Prime Minister of India, given that nothing has been done to curb the menacing scenario surrounding rise rape incidents in India, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury was of the following views:

Unfortunate that Prime Minister who speaks on everything is silent on this issue(crimes against women). From ‘make in India’, India is slowly heading towards ‘rape in India!’

Now while to some, it may seem like a statement delivered deliberately to attract consternation or create a buzz against the ruling party, for many among us, it may also seem an apt representation of today’s India. But while we cannot say who’s correct or in the wrong here, what must be debated is whether Congress’ attack at the BJP, in lieu of Mr. Modi’s silence, is hitting the bull’s eye?

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