In Mumbai, a girl was detained by police for driving car under the influence of alcohol. The 21-year old girl created ruckus in the police station.

On 16th June, Gauri Bhide who is an architecture student was rash driving. She was with two male friends, one of them was of age and another was 17-year old. Gauri was driving under the influence of alcohol and rammed her car over a divider and onto a footpath.

She was caught and brought to the Worli police station for questioning but she started ransacked the police station. She not only abused everyone but also slapped the cops.

She spat at the cops and created drunken farce. She broke 3 mobile phones and the satellite phone of the police. She was continuously using abusive words and telling the cops to stop recording her video.

Her friends tried to help her but she started abusing them also after creating enough drama, the police finally arrested her and put her behind the bars. Though the girl has been granted a bail but the entire drama was recorded and it’s going viral.

Watch The Video Here:

(Video Courtesy: DJT Roflers)

(Video Courtesy: DJT Roflers)

God forbid the person who comes in front of a furious drunk woman!!

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28 June 2016
Avni S. Singh

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