Sandeep Kumar who is Delhi’s minister for Women and Child Development, Language, SC, and ST was sacked on Wednesday by Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after he received an ‘objectionable’ CD with a 9-minute video that allegedly shows Sandeep Kumar in a ‘compromising position’ with two women.

Two other ministers of AAP, Jitender Singh Tomar and Asim Ahmed Khan had already met a similar fate on the charges of fake degrees and bribery in 2015.

Well, Kejriwal should have done a background check on his cabinet members but what’s done is done.

On Wednesday evening, Kejriwal posted about the sacking on Twitter in which he mentioned that this won’t be accepted and he is terminating Sandeep with immediate effect.

Here is what Kejriwal Tweeted:

Right after his tweet, all hell broke loose on Twitter as if some wittiest Twitterati were waiting for this moment only. Most of them did not troll only Sandeep but they showed no mercy to Kejriwal as well. Well, it was trending like anything and guess who joined the club? Pornhub! Yeah, the porn website tweeted about Sandeep Kumar and it will make you roll on the floor.

Check Out Some Of The Bizzare Tweets Here:

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1 Sep 2016
Avni S. Singh

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