In a shocking incident, two Dalit brothers in Andhra Pradesh were stripped, tied to a tree and thrashed after they were found skinning a dead cow on Monday night.

The victims Mokati Elisa and his brother Lazar have suffered head injuries and are currently in the hospital.

Initially, it was reported that it was people from ‘Gau Rakshak’ squad who did the inhumane act. However, the police said that the attackers owned a group of cows who had gone missing.

Talking to media, a senior police officer M Ravi Prakash said, “When they saw a dead cow being skinned in the graveyard on Monday night, they suspected it was a stolen cow and beat up the brothers”. The attackers were seven in number and all of them have been arrested now.

Notably, a few days back, a series of such attacks by self-styled cow vigilante groups had incited strong remarks from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Expressing deep concern over the issue, he said mostly it happens that people involved in anti-social activities mask themselves as cow protectors to save themselves.

On Tuesday, the central government even issued orders to state government to make sure no local groups are allowed to use cow protection cover to set off acts of violence.

Last month Gujarat witnessed a huge protest from Dalits after four men were tied to tree and beaten with rods for skinning the cow. The attackers claimed that they have killed the cow which was not true.

The recent switchover of Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel with Vijay Rupani was also apparently the damage control before the elections next year.

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10 August 2016

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