If we talk about the biggest controversies of 2017 in India, the Ryan Murder Case has to be up there as the incident shocked the whole nation when investigations found out that a Class XI student of the school allegedly murdered a Class 2 student named, Pradyuman Thakur.

While the Ryan Murder Case triggered a debate over how safe are these so-called International Standard-schools and is this the best that the authorities could do in order to prevent anything of this sorts?

However, an example has to be set and while Nirbhaya’s juvenile rapist was tried as a minor in the court, the Class XI student from Ryan International School will be tried as a major. It is indeed a good news for the Thakur family who was denied proper justice despite the death appearing a murder from every angle which reportedly happened to hide another unknown crime.

Pradyuman Thakur Ryan Murder Case
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What the question that everyone is, Why A 16 YO Will Be Tried As A Major when the same was not done in the Nirbhaya case?

While there is not an exact answer to this, it’s also true that a majority of people believed that the juveniles don’t deserve anything less.

That said, for the Ryan Murder Case, there is a proper explanation that the board has given to justify their order.

The court’s decision was largely influenced by the social investigation as well as psychological reports of the Class XI student, which highlighted his troubled behavior at school along with adverse feedback from school teachers.

Based on these reports, both of which clearly reflect that the juvenile was mentally capable of executing a heinous offense, the 16 YO has been termed “highly aggressive”. School teachers further confirmed he had hatched a plot to poison the school’s water tank, in the past. Yes, you read it right. In what could have been a disaster, many of the school’s student could have died.

The reports also say that the unidentified culprit’s IQ level is average, had exam phobia due to which he was ready to go to any extent to postpone the exams, and he was in a depressed stage since his parents had regular fights.

It should be noted that when the juvenile was arrested on November 08, on charges of murdering the 7-year-old Pradyuman Thakur by slitting his throat, he said that he took such a step to cancel the exams.

While the court’s decision to carry on the Ryan Murder Case proceeding with the Class XI student tried as a major is a sigh of relief to the Thakur family as well as for those who believe in humanity, there is still a question that needs to be answered.

If the school authorities knew that the 16-year-old once tried to poison the school’s drinking water tank, then why didn’t they take actions before? What was the reason behind ignoring such a major offense?

What do you think about all the recent happenings in the Ryan Murder Case? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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