Pune Infosys Techie Found Dead Inside The Office!

On Sunday evening, a 23-year-old female who was an employee at Infosys’ Hinjewadi IT park campus, was found dead inside the office. The woman who has been identified as K Rasila Raju, strangulated to death with a computer cable. She was a systems engineer, resident of Kerala, working at the firm’s office in Phase II of Hinjewadi IT Park, Pune.

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The police reported that Raju was working on a project along with two other employees of the company from Bangalore office. The other two employees were coordinating with her online while she was present at the office alone. Raju came to office at 2 pm and she had to work till 11 pm, however, after 5 pm she stopped responding to her team. The two employees who were coordinating with her online from Banglore, got concerned and alerted the security. The security found Raju lying on the floor with blood all over her.

Police is still investigating the reason behind her murder but they have zeroed it down on the prime suspect, 26-year-old Bhaben Salvia. He is a resident of Assam and was working as a watchman in the office. His shift got over at 6.30 pm, after which he went home and left for Mumbai. Looking at the scenario, police deduced that she was killed between 5pm and 6.30 pm. The police arrived at the crime scene around 8:30 pm and took a couple of hours to come to the conclusion.

After drawing the inference, the cops formed a team and tracked Bhaben’s mobile number to trace his movement. The suspect was nabbed around 3 am in the morning however he is denying the apparent committed murder. He told the cops that he was heading to his hometown Assam and was not on a run trail.

The shocking incident is indeed not the first in Pune and certainly not in India.

This is the second murder of a female IT professional in Pune within an year. Two months ago, on 25th December, police found a 23-year-old IT professional dead, just 500 metres away from the office. She was identified as Antara Das from West Bengal who was working for Capgemini.

image source: ibtimes.co.in

Another 25-year-old woman was murdered in her office in Hyderabad. Identified as M Samatha from Warangal, she was an employee of a private firm and her body was found hanging from the ceiling of her office.

After a shocking incident of Bangalore Mass Molestation, people came with a series of suggestions that women shouldn’t be out partying late night, they should refrain themselves from wearing short dresses or revealing clothes, they shouldn’t be drinking or smoking and more of such absurd advices. But all these women were simply working in their offices as responsible employees yet, they met with such horrific incidents. It shows that it’s not the women we need to change, it’s the society and the mindset of such sick people that need to be reawakened in the right direction.

If such incidents continue to happen then with remorse and shame, we have to admit that India is headed towards a ruinous direction that will bring no good to the country and its people.

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30 January 2017
Avni S. Singh

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