NotAllMen Is Back, But This Time Women Are Hitting It Harder With YesAllWomen

While we all cribbed about 2016 becoming a cringy year, 2017 came with a not-so-good and bright start. On 31st December, several women were molested and heckled by thousands of men, while celebrating the New Year’s eve at MG Road in Bangalore. Even with a presence of 1,500 policemen women were seen running for their lives and away from men. A Bangalore Mirror photojournalist took some appalling images of the night, which shook the entire country next day. However, as events like these go, the same happened with this one too, some of the most influential politicians called the event to be “things that happen”.

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The entire situation took a different turn on social media when men came, again, with their annoying statement of NotAllMen. Men have this annoying habit of making things about themselves, like okay, you didn’t assaulted, raped or molested a girl, thank you for being so generous towards a woman’s life.

Yes, it’s that annoying. While several women were molested in one of the safest cities in the country, which boasts of being a city for educated and modernisation, these people on twitter thought that talking about them not being one of them is a good idea. How about talking about it? How about condemning it? How about not making it about yourself and thinking about the girls who went through it?

It’s true that “Not All Men” rape or grope or molest girls, but “Yes All Women” have to go through such horrendous things. They had been through stuff like this, are going through all of this and possibly even go through it in future (if nothing’s done till then). Rather than focusing on the issue of “Not All Men” why don’t we talk about the “Yes All Women” aspect of the issue?

Some women are because they can’t take it anymore. They’re done and through all this, they’ve had enough of it.














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3 January 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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