Crime is such a thing that it tends to always overreach places, hitherto unheard of or unexpected. And that’s regardless of any particular part of the geography. And where it comes to Delhi, then it has long cast a grim shadow over a city not only crucial for the national importance of the nation, but also for the political fabric and diplomatic affairs of the country.

And for the longest time, Delhi has been flooded with crimes and offences of all kinds, causing massive civilian, domestic, political and economic unrest. In fact, it could be said, that given the tendency of Delhi to co-exist with a rather prevalent nature of crimes, it won’t be exactly wrong to state that crimes do cast a dark shadow, masking all the positives the city has to offer.

We were reminded of this harsh reality recently when a major drug cartel as busted and that too, right at the entry point of the country. So what exactly happened and why is this making such massive news in the city, and therefore, the country where there’s hardly a dearth in rising crimes?

It appears that the drug cartel busted in the national capital amounted to around 20 kgs of cocaine, valued at a whopping Rs 1300 crore. While at the outset, it may not exactly come as a surprise since the lingering mess caused by the crimes in the past has far too often maligned the stature of the historic national capital of the country, but just pay attention to the quantum of cocaine that was seized.

20 kgs of cocaine, valued at Rs 1300 crore! Does that tell us something about the waning moral values of the nation? The drug cartel was seized by the anti-Narcotics agency which would make one shocker of a disclosure.

It would confirm that the amount of cocaine busted leading to the arrest of all those behind the crime syndicate has by far been, among the largest quantity of cocaine ever busted.

But the criminality of this act exposes a deeper picture that needs to be taken into consideration. It is confirmed that the drugs syndicate is spread across the national capital region of Delhi and is also present in Punjab, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra.

Drug cartel busted
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That is not all.

The affiliation of this drug cartel further brings light to the following countries- Australia, Canada, the US, Indonesia, Columbia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Nigeria.

Now if that’s not a shocker then what is? NDTV, in its elaboration of the report, happened to state the following:

Sharing preliminary inputs, officials said five Indians, an American, an Indonesian and two Nigerians have been arrested in this operation.

The syndicate used India as both destination and transit for cocaine consignments, they said.

The seized drug in India has an international value of Rs 100 crore and the total worth of the seizure effected from this cartel is Rs 1,300 crore.

All of that told, while such crimes may surely have been busted in the past, the incident occurring right in the heart of the country’s capital should serve a remainder, that circulation of drugs is a rapid and common reality out there; perhaps a haunting reminder that something’s not quite right and that matters need to be addressed critically.

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