How on earth can an entire city feel safe when those in whose hands rests the civilian safety are the very people responsible for tethering the moral compass and general welfare of the people?

Thoughts go out at this point to the harmless victim of a dreaded incident of rape that occurred in an intricate part of the Delhi NCR region: Gurugram.

A piece of news that has rocked the cradle of the entire region, it appears that a Gurugram SHO has been booked for raping a woman and implicit in the gruesome incident is the fact that the same person recorded the entire scenario shamelessly on the camera.

The man behind the soul-shattering crime happens to be the Station House Officer of Gurugram’s Sadar Police Station. But in order to understand the true animosity of the crime perpetrated by the Gurugram SHO is the fact that the accused raped the woman repeatedly.

After the treacherous act, the man-monster didn’t stop at that, but went ahead and threatened the woman that he would circulate the video of the vile, forced sexual act in order to cause further misery to the aggrieved.

The name of the Gurugram SHO, it has been revealed, is Dalbir Singh. And it appears that he was all set to retire the next month. But he was immediately sent to the police custody when the victim- a resident of Mohangarh in Jind- lodged a complaint against him as of last Friday.

Following the police complaint, an arrest was made in the next 24 hours after a brief internal inquiry. But a thought goes out to the victim of the brazen act of sexual violence.

The woman, upon her interaction with the cops, shared that she felt so helpless that she even considered committing suicide after the incident. It was also revealed that there was no dearth of grief and discord in her personal life.

The victim shared that it was in 2017 when she got married to a man from Uddana in Jind. But within months of her ceremony, she began to grow apart from her husband due to rising discords. And then, on top of it, this life-threatening fiasco to deal with.

But that said, what’s shocking and rather unbelievable that her rapist turned out to the be the very cop who had once promised her help in the first place when she had approached the police station regarding a complaint against her husband.

“He asked me where I had come from. I told him I was from Mohangarh in Jind.  The officer said he, too, was from Pindara from the same district. He assured me all the help and asked for my phone number. I trust him, and gave him my number,” the distressed lady informed the police during her confession.

The rape occurred on July 10, when the woman, while waiting for her bus to arrive at Jind in order to travel to Gurugram, was approached by the cop who came in his Maruti Swift. He offered help to drop her. But after crossing the Pindara bypass, the man covered the front and rear windscreens with dark sun guards. It was then that the gruesome act would appear, unbeknownst to the other commuters or bystanders.

But even this doesn’t confirm the extremity of this incident. The next day, Singh- the name of the cop- asked the woman to pay him a visit in his quarters where he tried to pacify the victim and offered her a drink. Completely unbeknownst to the woman, the drink contained sedatives.

She would then be raped again. The incident, as it turns out, was recorded on the mobile phone.

Soon after, the woman decided to jump into a nearby lake and take her own life which is when another cop stopped her and compelled her to change her mind.

He would then help the helpless to lodge a complaint against the rapist at the all-women police station of Jind, where a case was registered under section 376(2)(n) (for repeated rape) and 376(2)(f) (rape a relative, guardian or person of trust).

But all that told, the violent crime goes on to underline the sheer sense of perversion that has taken over our cops and therefore, those who swear in front of the law to protect us from all ills and wrongs. What can be done about such gruesome occurrences?

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