Delhi’s Thak Thak Gang: This Is How They Steal From Your Car

Delhi’s Thak Thak Gang has been in the news for years now and many of us might have fallen their victims, as well. However, after something of a recess, the renowned Thak Thak Gang is once again active and interestingly, this time their wrongdoings have been caught on camera.

Before divulging into details, our viewers should know how Delhi’s Thak Thak Gang works on the streets and what it has been so hard to apprehend these criminals.

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Delhi being subjected to multiple traffic jams every day, provides the best setting for the Thak Thak Gang to execute the heists. Whenever there is a long queue of cars in a traffic jam, a member of the gang knocks on one side of the car and asks the driver to open the window. They generally distract car drivers by telling them things like leakage is taking place from the car or the tyre is punctured, etc. Meanwhile, another member comes from the driver’s side and distract the occupant, giving the other member of the Thak Thak Gang an opportunity to steal, whatever is there in the reach of his hands.

A similar incident happened with Mr. Awini Ambuj Shanker, who was driving his Porsche during a traffic jam near AIIMS. Thanks to the dash cam installed on the vehicle, everything was recorded and now we have a clear picture of how the Thak Thak Gang works.

This theft video, since it was shared on Facebook, has gone massively viral on social media and it shows the thak thak gang stealing a mobile phone from his car and that too right under his nose.

Watch the video here

This is what Mr. Awini Ambuj Shanker’s sister, Daksha Jaidka wrote in her Facebook post.

A FIR was registered in the Hauz Khas Police Station, but the authorities have had no luck in apprehending these criminals.

The Thak-Thak gang operates around Delhi/NCR and on 18 August, a businessman was also duped by the gang while returning home with his wife. The duo was robbed by men, who first stopped their car by puncturing it, of their laptops at Lado Sarai near Mehrauli.

One thing that should be noted here is, when any of us are in a traffic jam, the only thing we are focused on is, getting past it while these gangs take the better of us as well as our unrest. If you see anything like this on the road, it’s recommended to not stop your vehicle or open the window, because even if you are able to comprehend the situation, the traffic jam will act as a shield for Thak Thak Gang to flee from the spot.

Moreover, it is also advised to keep your belongings concealed from another eye in the vehicle.

If you, or anyone near you, have been a victim of a similar incident, share your story in the comments section below and let others know about the unknown danger!!

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