In the world of crime, the only thing that can be expected is unexpectedness. There’s literally some danger always ahead and uncertainty grips hard. Therefore, those who put their lives in the line of danger are the ones who are always fighting fire with fire- isn’t it? It is them- who serve the country especially in the capability of the police forces- that are constantly on the edge. And that crimes are inadvertently common and a rising menace in developing societies that aren’t that forthcoming about containing them one truly cannot ever expect anything smooth- isn’t it?

In that regard, what’s truly incredible is note successes of individuals who fight crime akin to some superhero, using something of a superhuman quality. One such fantastic example is that of a Mumbai cop who solved 700 missing cases.

Did you hear about that one? For a country such as ours (India) where there appears a rampant rise in the crime scene, where such a thing like a peaceful society can often seem some sort of utopian existence, it’s emphatic what this man achieved; the cop from Mumbai who solved 700 missing cases.

But first, just who is this cop from Mumbai who solved 700 missing cases, what is his tale, what were his motivations and what made him go this far in life?

Among the things that may strike you about the Mumbai-based cop is that for his sheer success ratio at work; for solving 700 missing cases, a figure you might want to label ‘countless,’ he’s been called the city’s Sherlock Holmes. Head constable Rajesh Pande, who sports a thick moustache and grey hair is, nowadays, among the most noted and respected cops in one of the most vastly populated cities of the country, a destination that is often plagued with crimes.

What’s known about the Mumbai cop who solved 700 missing cases is a cluster of disguises that he has pulled off to solve some amazing crime mazes. In fact, the mid-aged policeman’s career and feats have impressed a filmmaker so much that it appears that a movie is already in the works.

Newspaper reports suggested that among the initial cases that were solved by Pandey was a success story of 2011, wherein a boy was kidnapped by his own father. From that point onward, the active crime solver and a dutiful cop, has travelled to wide-reaching destinations in India, be it Delhi or Darjeeling solving cases of missing persons.

The 52-year-old cop, who was interacting with the media recently shared that what drives him in his career is the duty toward solving those missing persons’ cases that particularly concern little children. He also felt that he would rather prioritize them- and one can’t really pose any doubt as to why for it’s often the small children who seem most vulnerable to crimes in India- over investigating a crime.

A former Mumbai police commissioner Datta Padgalsikar who has followed the passionate and determined man’s career was, in fact, so impressed with Rajesh Pande’s work that he initiated something that’s called the “Pande Module.”

It was also determined that a key aspect that has contributed to Mr. Pande’s incredible success story in making him the cop from Mumbai who solved 700 missing cases was the fact that the man has been able to leverage his social skills to good effect. This was determined by the fact that he maintains a great rapport with people like the tailors in a residential society, owners of guesthouses, and even hotel and bar employees. What was interesting was the fact that Rajesh Pande shared that he constantly depends on Just Dial, the local search engine.

In a career that has spanned 26 years, the head constable has worked in three police stations. At present, he is busy solving another ‘missing persons’ case, that concerning a 14-year-old girl. She had disappeared twice in the past and he was involved in finding her. He shared with a quiet sense of confidence that “we will find her for a third time, too!”

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