CCTV Recorded The Murder Of A Business Man’s Family In UP And It Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

While all the political leaders, public figures, sports stars, writers etc, etc, talk about peace and harmony, it looks like humankind has been corrupted to the core of their soul and for some of them, there is no turning back. I do believe in redemption but after watching this CCTV footage, I am sure that there is no way that these four people can redeem their soul that they may have already soul to the devil. And that’s frightening because they wear the same skin as live among us leaving this world unprotected and a terrible place to live in.

In a terrible incident that happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur, a  businessman, his wife and son were shot dead right outside their home by four men. Sitapur is just 90 kms away from Lucknow and the killings happened just 400 metres from a police station.The brutality of the killers was caught by CCTV camera, where Sunil Jaiswal who was a 60yearold business man, reached home on his two-wheeler and 4 men attacked him.

These men were trying to snatch the bag from Sunil and he was struggling to save it. After some time Sunil’s wife and 25-year-old son came out to help him but failed as moments later all three of them were shot. Reports are that a neighbor tried to help them who was shot as well, but he survived. Although, it looks like a robbery attempt but shooting people like this explains that for robbers it was nothing new and it’s horrifying.

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The report has been filed but so far, there has been no arrest. This wasn’t the first high-profile incident in UP, in fact, there have been 5 such incidents in past month. This rise in high-profile incidents is making people scared than ever.

Like everyone, I too hope for a better world and future but such incidents shake my belief upon humanity and humans. It started to feel that a human’s life has completely lost its value and probably we are headed towards a dreadful end.

7 June 2017
Avni S. Singh

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