10 Central Reserve Police Force commandos belonging to COBRA battalion were killed in a Naxal IED blast in the jungles of Bihar’s Aurangabad district. 5 other commandos were injured in this blast.

On Monday, the commandos of the COBRA unit were trapped in the IED blast by Naxals and after this blast, an encounter started resulting in the killing of three Naxals by late night.

Eight commandos were killed on the spot during the blast and two other commandos took their last breath while they were being evacuated from the site. The incident took place near the Chakarbanda-Dumarinala forests, bordering Gaya.

Guns and ammunition such as AK-47 rifle, INSAS rifle and under barrel grenade launcher were recovered from the site of the blast. In the fierce gun battle, five other personnel were critically injured.

To assess the situation, the CRPF DG will visit Gaya today. The search operation has already been launched on the site.

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19 July 2016
Avni S. Singh

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