What can be more dreadful than seeing Al Qaeda attacks in India, one wonders?

Within hours of the dreaded terror chief of one of the world’s deadliest terror organizations- Al Qaeda- stating Al Qaeda will increase attacks over India in the days to come, the spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs has come out with a word for the public.

It’s shared that there’s no need to panic.

Here’s what Mr. Raveesh Kumar, the spokesperson for the ministry shared:

“We keep hearing of such threats but they can’t be taken seriously. Our security forces are well equipped and capable to maintaining our territorial integrity and sovereignty.”

So does that mean that the world’s largest democracy is absolutely safe and sound from an organization which was headed none other than the dreadful Bin Laden in the past?

For now, yes. In a formal interaction with the media at the headquarters of the Ministry of External Affairs, here in Delhi, the spokesperson shared that such blows- vicious that they may sound- cannot be taken seriously by the citizens.

Here’s what had happened. Not so long ago, Ayman Al Zawahiri, the current serving chief of the terror group had spoken daringly against India and maintained vociferously that Al Qaeda attacks in India would increase and that the group would administer India, what he called were “unrelenting blows.”

In a rare video recorded specifically on India, Al Qaeda’s chief had suggested that it was part of their plan to inflict blows on the Indian Army, strike the economy, and make the country bleed.

In case, one wasn’t aware then a part of Al Qaeda’s indignation of India comes at the behest of the sensitive Kashmir issue.

Zawahiri, who’s not had plenty of videos on India, happened to share the following thus raising concerns in India about the possibility of attacks-

I am of the view that the Mujahideen (armed terrorists) in Kashmir- at this stage at least- should focus with single mind on inflicting unrelenting blows on the Indian Army and government so as to bleed the Indian economy and make India suffer sustained losses in manpower and equipment.”

That said, within hours of the video’s release, it was checked by the domestic and foreign intelligence agencies who suggested that it was merely an attempt of Al Qaeda to reunite with its forces in the valley and that it wasn’t to be taken seriously.

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