A 24-year-old committed suicide by jumping from his room on 19th floor of Mumbai’s Taj Lands End Here Hotel on Monday evening. He streamed the entire incident and was heard recording a “tutorial about how to (commit) suicide”. He was seen in a white bathrobe and was drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

The deceased has been identified as Arjun Bhardwaj, a third-year student at Narsee Monjee college and was studying B.Com Hons. Bhardwaj hailed from Bengaluru.

The police have found a suicide note from Bhardwaj’s room, he jumped out the window of his room after breaking it down with a chair. In his suicide note, Bhardwaj mentioned that he was struggling with drug addiction and was ‘badly depressed’ due to which he is taking this step. He checked into the hotel at 3:30 am on Monday.

Source: indiatimes
Source: indiatimes

A source from the hotel reached the room just moments after the incident took place after receiving an information from a back office executive who saw the video on Facebook in which the hotel was tagged.

Source: indiatimes
Source: indiatimes

The Mumbai police have requested the media to not add the video of his Facebook Live. “it is disturbing and can have a huge impact on young minds”, said Joint Commissioner of Police, Deven Bharti.


In the meantime, Mumbai Police has tweeted out urging the youngsters to reach out to them in need.

4th April 2017
Jyotsna Amla


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