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The entire situation of fighting on streets is nothing new to the people of India who are graced by such visuals, every now and then. It’s still bizarre to me that PDA is considered much worse in our society than beating someone up. And, this incident is a perfect example of how, no one gives a shit about people beating others, even if it is a matter of life and death.

A Delhi-based female advocate was badly beaten by a mother-daughter duo in such a regressive way that it would deaden your faith in humanity. The story behind the incident was that Anju Jain, the lawyer, filed a petition against illegal encroachment in her area which was later on passed by the court which led to the loss of stairs of her next-door neighbour’s house. A certain amount of hatred started brewing between both the parties, which led to a huge argument. After this, the mother-daughter duo started thrashing the advocate in the most brutal way possible.


The entire incident was captured by the advocate’s son who later on filed an FIR against the duo at the North Rohini Police Station.

The duo can be seen thrashing her with sticks, pulling her hair and even choking her. In between all this, the mother’s sari was also about to come off.

While the mother-daughter duo is at full fault, we also have to take the bystanders fault into consideration. They could have had helped the advocate or even could stop the duo from doing anything, however, they choose to witness the incident while being dumb.

14th April 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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