They have warned you to stay indoors but you would not listen. Turns out, common sense during times of crises isn’t that common after all, is it? It helps to keep yourself safe and your surroundings clean but then, some of us won’t ever do what is needed?

Only if one knew what purpose being careless is serving, at the end of the day? But then nonetheless, there are harsher or rather uncanny methods that the administrators have to resort to during tough times when the public, at large, doesn’t respond to measures that are really needed.

That said, what did this cop in the heart of the Indian capital do? Was this something really funny or if one might put it, something really unprecedented that one may not have expected?

In fact, this also raises a question. Did one ever think about something as strange as the Coronavirus helmet in India? Simply come to think of it. The very sound of something as boisterous and random as the Coronavirus in India seems absurd and funny at the same time.

Does it not?

So what really transpired in India is that a policeman on duty patrolling the Indian capital’s roads was wearing something rather strange and unexpected. So much so that it sort of baffled the onlookers around when such a thing should not have even happened?

Think of it. Why were there onlookers? Shouldn’t they have been indoors and not outside, spreading the threat of the deadly epidemic that isn’t some harmless or banal random flu?

Desperate times, and thus, desperate measures. Right? This is the time that you can find out some ploys being taken deliberately to arrest the general public’s attention.

In that regard, extreme measures rather funny ones are these.

The very site, featuring a tall policeman wearing a scary looking mask and approaching a couple that was out there on a scooter was slightly abrupt and funny at the same time.

It became such a sensation that it soon spiralled into being some sort of a viral news sensation.

CNN shared the story of its own and stated the following:

Local artist B. Gowtham, founder of the Chennai-based organization Art Kingdom, came up with the helmet after noticing a lack of public awareness around the pandemic and preventative measures.”People are not hygienic enough,” Gowtham said. “We have government orders not to come out — but still, we’re seeing people roaming here and there without proper safety equipment, without masks.”Gowtham thought people weren’t taking the illness seriously because it seemed invisible. So he decided to create something whereby they could actually see the virus coming toward them.

That being said, take a minute’s pause to understand why was there a need to even come up with this otherwise brilliant idea?

The Coronavirus helmet in India: is that what it’s come down to, to tell people to “please stay indoors!”

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