Are you indoors in Indore or not?

A fire rises, albeit one that doesn’t really help anyone. So why take the risk, Einstein? Stay home or indoors as they say. At times, keeping mum or shutting the F up (sorry, how else would we have put it) helps everyone and all causes.

And hey, it’s not that some elusive Gabbar Singh will appear magically out of thin air to haunt the residents of Ram Pur.

Well, it’s just that this not so friendly bug will come and haunt you. Yeah, the same bug that is much bigger in threat than people not liking your new Facebook update or Insta selfie!

Funnily speaking, there are various scary, really scary things in life that send goosebumps, especially to us Indians:

Ram Gopal Verma’s movies

Your parents knowing that you failed in an exam and have hidden it from them.

Participating in your own wedding and then seeing the lavish spread and enjoying it from a distance.

[Regardless of how cool one acts, this is the evening where the coolest ice melts down. Does it not?]

Next is, defaulting a Government of India deadline, for instance, the one that clearly tells you to pay your taxes on time.

What’s more?

Boyfriend finding out your no-makeup selfie and then remembering Jim Carey’s look in “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” or for that matter Caitlyn Jenner?

Now, there’s a new addition to this sort.

It’s called the Coronavirus. And it turns out that while all’s cool and supposedly fine in Indore, the fact it, it isn’t.

Surely, cities like Delhi aren’t that clean today to be priding themselves on being the “national capital” or for that matter, Mumbai, that has as many cars and traffic as human herds of people.

But Indore is a world apart from the rest.

The very fact that this brilliant city that has, time and again, been recognized for a fascinating quality- the ability to keep itself clean and unfailingly so-makes it so much more than just the city for ‘tasty food!’

Frankly, an inspiration for the rest of Hindustan.

Don’t you loving, friendly, “full of warmth”/ blessed with an innate smile Indore-eans agree?

And here’s the sad part.

Indore- which is an unsung hero of a city when compared to the dazzling superfluous, superficial idea of bigger sized cities that are bathing in megabucks and mighty urban infrastructure constitutes the real India story.

But where it stands right now, is this a complete story?

That being said, what does help our lovely Indore brothers and sisters is exactly something the honorable Prime Minister trying to say at this very point in time.

Just for a few days, adhere to the Janta Curfew. Just for a few more hours, stay indoors dear Indore and then you shall see the difference.

That’s because the way it stands right now, it doesn’t seem too comfortable with what’s happened to the big heart of Madhya Pradesh.

So what’s that?

Where it stands right now, there are, at present, 47 overall cases in Madhya Pradesh, involving different cities of Ujjain and Indore.

Now while immediately, for a state that comprises of lakhs and lakhs of people put together 47 is but a tiny number, an ant when compared to the size of the elephant, or maybe, a sneeze, that’s the entire point.

You’ve got to stay off from an environment that spreads the sneeze of brings out the cough.

Why do such a foolish thing like stepping out and act all’s normal?

Yes, panicking isn’t the solution. It never was, it isn’t now. But is acting cautious and just being safe and sound such a wildly impossible thing to do?

Moreover, be mindful of how you source your daily groceries and supplies, or ration. Some school of thought, we are told, suggests you to not step out (and that’s fine) but get what you need from the police forces out there?

Whether you should do it or not, is your call. No one can come and personally monitor your sense of hygiene. Surely, in this state of lockdown, you must play it wisely.

If the cops are dutifully volunteering to help then do it. If there are concerns in your mind then discuss and take the right call.

Do not spread rumors.

But Indore is so much important to us all than it’s made to be. Why’s that?

For a city that has – let’s not forget, contributed mightily to the intellectual strata of India- remember it has the IIM, the Daily College, and several educational hubs that shape the way young, determined minds think, is it too hard to stay safe?

There are people who are still venturing out in the open in Ujjain. Don’t be like the dull-headed rumor mongers of India who do nothing better than educating themselves through (as Ravish Kumar puts it) WhatsApp university.

Go relax inside your home. Give the famous food joints a break, for Christ’s sake.

If smashing the mighty utensils of your home is your idea of challenging the authority of Metallica or who knows, even Def Leppard, then please do so. But be happy and do not put yourselves at the risk of such a mighty danger.

Fact is that Ujjain and Indore are the hotspots of the Coronavirus outbreaks. At this very point in time, Indore has around 27 Covid-19 faces while Ujjain has 5.

Small numbers sure but let’s keep this smaller and then, to bare minimum and then, ultimately nothing. Live on and smile on, Indore and Ujjain, be safe.

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