No there doesn’t seem to be a restraint. There doesn’t seem to be a restraint at all. What will happen in the days of the future is anyone’s guess. But what shouldn’t happen is that there shouldn’t be a rise in the number of new Coronavirus cases in India. When will things get better and where can one see some much-needed respite.

We don’t know yet.

For the troubling ground reality is that one doesn’t quite know when might the spike in new Coronavirus cases in India take a U-turn, the much-needed turn we all wish happens and happens, sooner than later for good.

That being said, here’s what is making troubling news right now, something one wishes were to have never happened, let alone India but any other country for that matter.

Apparently, thanks to a rise in new Coronavirus cases in India, at this point in time, the last 24 hours have been more troublesome than ever and therefore, loathsome too, at the same time.

It’s been confirmed that over the course of the last 24 hours, 336 new cases of Coronavirus have emerged in different parts of India. So what does that mean? Well, here’s not a very inspiring piece of information:

It’s also known that, at present, the total death toll is 56 and rising.

One does wish, however, that newer instances of unwanted scenarios like the Tablighi Jamaat don’t recur anytime ever. While it’s nothing to oppose religious gatherings but to simply ward off any unwanted instances where an already precarious situation goes out of hand at the expense of some individual’s utter carelessness.

The following is what Business Standard reported in the wake of the unwanted disaster that took place just a few hours back:

The MHA in its briefing said that lockdown being effectively followed across states. On incidents of attacks on health workers, MHA has written to states to ensure their safety. The ministry has also written to ensure safety and security in banks for disbursement of relief aid. 960 foreigners who attended Tabligh and are India have been blacklisted and action will be taken. The government is also tracking 360 foreign attendees who have left the country. The MHA in the briefing said that action will be taken against the Disaster Management Act and the Foreigners Act.

That being said, until last Friday, the country had around 2,088 confirmed cases of the deadly Coronavirus. Meanwhile, in his characteristically arresting national address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the citizens of India to fight it out and display a spirit of “collective resolve” during these tough times.

Here are more inputs from the latest address to the nation from the PM’s point of view:

In a video message, Modi asked people to keep in their minds the poor, a large number of whom have been hit hard by the lockdown, and help them “walk from darkness spread by Coronavirus to light and hope”.

And that said, the following is what one needs to take into consideration before waxing lyrical about the actual state of the Indian economy. Apparently, this has happened for real: “The lockdown has derailed large parts of India’s economy, prompting the World Bank to approve $1-billion emergency financing for the country.”

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