A few hours back, the cops in Delhi did something so nice and utterly heartwarming that, truth be told, many who are typically consumed by the rather toughness and single-mindedness of our police force may be left stunned upon hearing the story.

As it is, there’s not a single day that goes by in the world’s largest democracy that one doesn’t get to hear about cops being tough and often, forgetting the fact that that there are also cultured and more decent ways of even enforcing force whenever the need arises.

In fact, even before the Coronavirus lockdown period came about and struck us badly, we were anyways discussing about police brutality, going to all lengths discussing about the nature of the cops in Delhi during the communal rights. And then, in the period before, there already were umpteenth debates being held around discussing the nature of cops in Delhi and the animosity with which they treated the civilians participating during the protests concerning the CAA.

Now, all of that will get some rest and could be finding the backburner as there’s a bright new tale concerning the large-heartedness of the cops in Delhi that beckons to be told and retold.

So, very quickly then, what just happened in the heart of the national capital that its making a big news?

The following is what a local newspaper, a print daily, had to report in the heartwarming episode that will surely make one sit back and reflect on the nature of the cops in Delhi differently:

A tweet, six police response vehicles (PRVs), an ambulance, some good samaritans, 16 hours and 744 km, – that’s what it took to reach medicines, through a spirited relay, from Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital to a septuagenarian in Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich district.

It was the tweet of Gulam Mustafa Khan, a state-level relay runner who practices at a Delhi stadium, seeking help to deliver medicines to his septuagenarian grandfather in Begumpura of Bahraich that started off the relay.

“At around 4:24 pm on Monday, Khan, in a tweet, sought help from Delhi Police to arrange delivery of medicines to his grandfather Nurul Hudda in the Bahraich village,” said Asim Arun, additional director general of UP 112 emergency response centre.

That being told, had the Deputy Commission, Delhi Police Mr. Parwinder Singh not had acted quickly or swiftly, howsoever, one wants to put it, we may never have seen the kind of immensity of action that took place in the end and the end result if fetched.

Perhaps nothing can undermine that fact.

Basis the prescription that had been shared in this matter by Nurul Hudda, the Deputy Police Commissioner, at once, got the medicines collected and then got them collected from the Safdarjung Hospital.

From thereon, began a close-knit operation of pure co-operation between the cops in Delhi and their counterparts in Gautam Buddh Nagar, in Noida (Uttar Pradesh), whereupon the medicines were further sent to UP’s Sultanpur District, that too, via Lucknow.

In this closely orchestrated episode one also got to see a side of the cops in Delhi that one may not have seen, in the past or maybe, not that often for one to form a firmly positive view.

In fact, HT.com, in its report even shared the conclusive part of the entire episode- an entirely positive one at that- stating:

Asim said the junior engineer handed over the medicines to the fourth PRV at the Bahraich border from where it passed through the hands of two more PRV personnel to reach the hands of the patient around 8 am on Tuesday.

So what about the bias that generally tends to envelop the cops in Delhi? Will that perception benefit from some image cleaning as seen in this case?

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