Ever wondered which are the cleanest railway stations in India? In fact, it’s a fitting moment to know about the same, October 2nd being the 150th birth anniversary of the great “Father of the nation,” Mahatama Gandhi.

At a time where much of the country is putting an increasing impetus on nationwide sanitation, trying its level best to increase the awareness on cleanliness, perhaps its only fitting to know about the cleanest railway stations in India.

This is both interesting and important because much of the country depends, actually on an everyday basis, upon the dense network of its railways to commute from a point to the other. While, in some ways, it puts India directly on par with similar countries that are known for their increasing dependence on the state of railway set-ups, picture the likes of Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong (among the many diverse nations), due to India’s general lack of hygiene, it can’t be said that its common commutation points have sizzled with cleanliness and hygiene.

But then, there finally seems to be an array of bright light!

cleanest railway stations in India
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Over the course of the past few years, public transportation across the huge country has been bellied with a rise in general hygiene and cleanliness. On that note, let’s dive into the list of the cleanest railway stations in India:

Apparently, according to a piece of trending news, three railway stations, all of which happen to be a part of Rajasthan- the country’s largest state by virtue of land-area- are considered to be the cleanest railway stations in India.

So which are these, after all?

According to a nationwide cleanliness survey, the cleanest railway stations in India include- Jaipur (the capital city of Rajasthan), Jodhpur, and Durgapura.

The popular results were shared by the nation’s Railway Minister, Piyush Goyal. The survey covered as many as 720 stations across the country and the names of Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Durgapura topped the list with distinct honors.

This, it ought to be said, can be hailed as a brilliant precedent set by the popular Rajasthan cities; something that the other destinations would be compelled to emulate.

Jodhpur Railway Station

But in addition to the above, it ought to be shared that the nationwide survey also happened to cover various suburban stations in the country. And therefore, we also have the names of the cleanest suburban stations in India. So who shined bright in this category?

Where it comes to the suburban stations, then Andheri, Virar and Naigaon have topped the list. This is both incredible and interesting because whether or not one happens to be a resident of Mumbai or a traveler from any other part in India, one commonly knows the enormous load of travelers that the frequently used Andheri station bears on an everyday basis.

It cannot happen that if you are based in Mumbai that you may not have used or visited the famous Andheri station, at least once. Hundreds of thousands of train users commute from this station, nestled in the heart of suburban Mumbai to other parts, such as the old town area and New Mumbai.

Railways have been conducting third party audit and cleanliness ranking of 407 major stations annually since 2016. This year the survey was expanded to include 720 stations and suburban stations were also included for the first time.

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